Signs & symptoms of poor mental health and well-being

Keep your mind in check. Well-being signs and symptom to be on the lookout for.

Studies have discovered that people with higher psychological well-being are more likely to live healthier and longer lives so being happy and satisfied with your life has a big part to play in your well-being.  

Here are some signs and symptoms that your well-being might be compromised

  • Small problems start to feel like really really big ones leading to feelings of nervousness or panic
  • Mental and physical tiredness. You all of sudden have no energy or motivation for activities, social events and work
  • You find it hard to concentrate and you feel uncertain when making decisions or find it hard to focus
  • You feel uncomfortable and experience headaches leaving you feeling overwhelmed
  • Small things irritate you and you feel irrational
  • You start to feel like you are not in control
  • You have the urge to walk away from important things life like works, friends and activities

If you need to talk to someone and need more information here are some helplines :


Cipla 24 Hour Mental Health Helpline  

0800 456 789

WhatsApp: 076 88 22 77 5