How to survive Black Friday

Do Black Friday the smart way with our guide to shopping responsibly, so that you make the most of mega discounts. Unveil deals without breaking the bank and elevate your wardrobe the right way.


Written by: Alexander Brand


Black Friday is here, and plenty of online deals await. Discover how to navigate the frenzy, make the most of discounts, and keep your budget intact.


Plan your spending

Before you embark on your online shopping adventure, take a moment to set a budget. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s your secret weapon to make wise decisions and ensure your purchases align with your true needs. By defining your spending limit, you’ll maximise the value of your money. So, before you start adding items to your virtual cart, pause and calculate how much you’re ready to invest in elevating your fashion game.



Make a wish list

Crafting a wish list is like being your own fashion explorer. It’s your trusty compass in the shopping wilderness, guiding you towards your fashion dreams. Make a list of those coveted clothes and accessories, rank them by priority, and voila! When Black Friday rolls around, you’re armed with a clear mission, making your shopping spree an organised and efficient adventure.





Don’t rush in – research and compare

Hold on to your shopping sleuth hat! Before you hit that tempting ‘buy now’ button, channel your inner investigator. Go price-hunting and compare deals. Dive into product reviews and ratings like a pro detective, piecing together the puzzle of your perfect purchase. It might take a smidge more time, but the thrill of finding that unbeatable deal will be your ultimate shopping reward.




Avoid impulse buying

Think before you buy! In the thrilling whirlwind of Black Friday, those last-minute, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them deals can be real temptations. But hold onto your shopping reins! Before you surrender to the ‘add to cart’ call, have a quick reality check. Ask yourself, “Is this a must-have? Does it work within my budget or is it a part of my wish list?” If it’s a no-go, no worries – give it a pass and save yourself (and your wallet) from buyer’s remorse. Stay sharp, make mindful choices, and you’ll be the maestro of your Black Friday shopping symphony.




With your budget intact and your wish list fulfilled, you’ll not only score big but also dance through Black Friday with style and a satisfied bank balance. Happy shopping!