How to pack for your next getaway

How to pack for your next getaway

It’s finally the holiday season! Whether you’re headed out for a weekend break or a two-week trip, here are some travel packing hacks that work for any adventure.


Written by Shaazia Ebrahim


You made it! It’s time to close those tabs, wrap up the year and go in search of rest and relaxation. But there’s nothing worse than arriving at a destination ill prepared. Forgetting essential items at home or lugging along more than you need is a pain. With this packing guide, we’ll have you prepped and ready for any eventuality.


Pack smarter not harder

The bigger your suitcase, the more unnecessary stuff you’ll pack. Set out everything you think you’ll need for the trip, then edit ruthlessly. Underwear and socks – pack one pair of each for every day of your trip. One pair of pajamas, a few T-shirts, shorts and a pair of jeans or chinos are the bare essentials.


To be armed for any occasion, pack a dress shirt and slacks too. Don’t forget a sport coat or jacket, a belt, a swimsuit, and a hat. Throw in one pair each of dress shoes, sneakers and slides.


Roll with it

Speaking of shoes, roll up socks and shove them into your shoes this saves space and protects your shoes, especially dress shoes that can bend and crease on the journey.

Dress shirts, dress slacks, and blazers should go your bag last, folded to the width of your suitcase – this means less wrinkles and that you’ll unpack them first. To reduce creasing and to save space roll tees, casual shirts, pajamas and any light-weight items.


Versatility wins… every time

You want your garments to be interchangeable. Think a sweater casual enough for sightseeing but sharp enough for dinner. Shoes that work for formal events, but that can be dressed down to the bar with jeans and a tee. Plan combination looks that make the most of what you’re bringing.


DIY that Dopp kit

Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo recommends keeping a separate toiletry kit for traveling. There’s less chance of forgetting essentials and it saves you the hassle of repacking for every trip.

These are some must-have (travel-sized) items for your Dopp kit (AKA toiletry bag): a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush, hairstyling products, shaving soap and a razor, shampoo, bodywash, deodorant, cologne, body and face cream, and, of course, sun cream. 


Unforgettable forgettables

Don’t forget tickets, your driver’s license, your passport, camera, sunglasses, prescription medicine, chargers and batteries. With chargers, bring two and make sure one is in your carry-on, just in case. If you’re traveling with multiple devices, put all your cords in a small drawstring bag.


Packing often seems like an arduous task, but planning is key nothing ruins a getaway like forgetting things behind or carting around an overstuffed suitcase. Follow our guidelines and your mind will be set at ease, trust us.