Your serving of greens

Wherever you’re headed, it’s the colour to make you look good.

The new heroes in the well-dressed man’s wardrobe are all the must-have green items necessary for putting together modern, refined winter fits.

Written by Oratile Mashazi

From dark green to army olives, every shade of nature’s favourite colour are flattering and versatile enough to ensure that heads turn when you pass by. Pile on pieces for every occasion.

Easy Errands

Look laid back, comfortable and stylish by pairing a forest green jogging suit with a checkered flannel – a clean look in which to manage any errands.

The classic green jacket

Staying warm and stylish needs a jacket that can travel and a moss green fleece is a great way to incorporate this universally flattering colour into your wardrobe. It can cover an athleisure look or even go with dark denims and a golf shirt. A great fit for watching winter games.

Varsity greens

Back to campus means that a staple fit is a must for early mornings and jaunts between classes. A neutrally toned checked overshirt as well as dark green jogging pants are an excellent combo to get one comfortably through the day in a chill, eye-catching outfit.

Neutral territory

The importance of cargo pants in a well-curated wardrobe cannot be overstated. When combined with a pair of boots and a jacket for a day look that loves a night out, this staple proves its worth: it just works. Try the look in tones of so-pale-it’s-almost-not-green for subtle, confident style.

A simple statement

Way to be laid back and still swaggy while enjoying friends and vibes at a braai or house party? The green varsity cardigan over blue jeans and tee is a well co-ordinated classic that incorporates beloved basics with a statement piece. Fit!