Your style, your vibe and your race day look

Every guy at the Durban July

It only comes around once a year, so make the most of a big day out with a big fit to match.

Whatever brings you to the Durban July, it’s an ideal day to show off your style – and to make sure that your look expresses the way you’re feeling. These are the looks to match every mood.

Written by Cayleigh Bright


The Trend-setter

The cut. The colour. The attitude.

Even when you’re in a relatively conventional look, these are the things that set you apart from the crowd, and you know the power of thoughtful details. For this reason, you’ve swapped out the standard collared shirt for a soft poloneck with a simple chain. Some may not be able to put their fingers on why you look so good, but that’s ok – you know it.


Check jet setter

A checked blazer as the statement piece with an all-black outfit says that you’re here to have fun, but didn’t come to play. With sunglasses, accessories and an open shirt, this look is giving 80s opulence that’s well-suited to SA’s biggest horse racing event, while chunky-soled loafers finish off the look in decidedly fresh style.


 The life of the party

Some are here to place bets. Some are here to see and be seen. You’re here for the party, and you’d like everyone to know it. In a sea of formality and minimalism, you’ll always be sure to stand out, and today the way you’re doing that is with bold colour. No-one will be left with any doubt that you’re down to hit the dance floor, and they’ll love you for it.


 The big move maker 

You could never be accused of doing things by half measures, and today’s no exception: the pieces you’ve chosen are perfectly paired up, from socks that match your shirt to freshly polished shoes and your well-cut suit. Whether you’re here to link up and cement connections, planning to win big, or just commiting to a day to remember, we have no doubt that you’ll succeed and look good doing so.


 The modern minimalist

It takes some time to master minimalism, but when you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll never want to go back. What better way to exude confidence than with a crisp white shirt and pristine, pale suit? Skip the socks and any accessories save for your signature pieces, be those spectacles, an heirloom ring or your timepiece of choice.