Yay Abe and African Ginger x Markham

Get to know these boldly local collab capsule collections

You already know that Markham recently collaborated with some of the country’s freshest young creative talent to bring you bold, summer-ready pieces that are in stores now. Now, why not get to know the people who designed the clothes? First up, we meet Yay Abe and African Ginger.

Yay Abe

Bright, optimistic, and holiday-ready: these are three words that might be used to describe Yay Abe’s pieces in collaboration with Markham – and perhaps his work in general. Russell Abrahams, better known as Yay Abe is an illustrator and graphic designer born and bred in Cape Town. His work is inspired by the city and its people, so is it any surprise that the colourful pieces in his capsule collection appear ready for a trip to the beach?

African Ginger

“I used to find inspiration outside myself, through other artists and musicians,” says Johannesburg-born artist and illustrator, Seth Pimentel A.K.A African Ginger. “but as I’ve grown I started to draw inspiration from within myself, to the point that I’m so content with what I’m creating – looking at my old work and trying to improve on that.”

The strong, black-and-white graphics on his pieces remind you of graffiti and are a nod to the streets of the city – an important element in Seth’s unique aesthetic.