What’s The Occasion?

Helping you style your everyday winter looks

Over the last year we’ve had very few opportunities to dress up and go out, but now it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and venture into the world once again. After what felt like a century of sweatpants-wearing, we’re ready for a refresher on how to strike the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated. Check out our tips below for our go-to, a-little-snappier-than-casual looks.

The Occasion: Work, play, back-to-work

Life since lockdown has, for many of us, meant more flexible work schedules. Whether working from home or popping out for client meetings, we’re often in perpetual transition between “work appropriate” and “comfortable”. Our solution? Go for  a darker palette, and pair smart trousers and a button-down shirt with clean white sneakers. Add  The Smart Reversible Bomber to keep the cold away and a cap to add between meetings. Just don’t forget to take it off before that brainstorm with your boss. 

The Occasion: The lunch date

Lunch with them is always an occasion, even if it’s at your regular spot. You never want to get caught slacking on the style front, so set the right tone by pairing slim cut smart trousers with a polo neck, throw on a lightweight jacket and some crisp white sneakers, then lightly accessorise with a watch, a delicate chain and your favourite shades. For the finishing touch, add a spritz of that fragrance bae likes and they’ll be cuddled up close all through lunch.

The Occasion: Sundowners

If your mates are like our mates, Friday afternoon sundowners are when you get your top tier outfit shots for the ‘gram – it is golden hour after all. Essentially, you’ve got to look your best without looking like you’re trying to look your best. Keep it casual with stone washed jeans, black denim shirt, a leather aviator jacket and combat boots. Accessorise with a watch, shades and a fresh haircut and you’ll be guaranteed your best profile pic yet.

The Occasion: The best mate’s birthday brunch

With the curfew, many of our “going out” options are happening earlier in the day. That means you’ll need a look that can go from brunches to lunches and afternoon drinks. Keep things comfortable, casual and on-trend in a tonal palette – think sneakers, jeans, a hoodie and a jacket in shades of cream, beige and tan. Now that you’ve nailed an ideal understated look, just make sure you don’t spill anything.

The Occasion: Watching the game with the boys

Your team is playing and you want to show love, but you also want to look sharp as a knife. Our suggestion: wear your team’s jersey, but ditch the tracksuit pants. Instead, throw on a comfortable, lightweight and slim-cut casual suit and your crisp white sneakers. It’s an elevated look that, when accessorised with shades, will have you bending turning heads like Beckham. 

The Occasion: Family gathering

When getting together with the family, you really have to show your best side, and as far as outfits go, that means going a little bit more conventional without looking like you’re putting on a front. Our suggestion: layering. Pull on your polo neck, a denim shirt and a suit. Wear it with some fresh sneakers, a watch and some glasses and you’ll be giving off 100% good boy vibes for mom, dad and granny. 

And there you have it – all your casual yet sophisticated looks to keep you feeling your freshest at every daytime occasion this winter. 


Yours in style.