Top hairstyles & haircuts for the season

Summer’s hottest hair trends

Be inspired to try a new look with our round-up of this season’s best hairstyles

Written by Tshiamo Seape


Cape Town-based stylist Mavuso Mbutuma knows plenty about style – so naturally we tapped into him for advice about new season ‘dos. If you are trying to change up your look, Mavuso says that it’s a good idea to start by identifying your face shape.

“Every face shape has hairstyles that accentuate it best, but that’s not to say you’re confined to one or only a few styles.” Hairstyling, like fashion, is personal. You have to find your own unique style, and sometimes that means trying out a few different looks. With Mavuso’s help, we’ve rounded up some of the best styles for summer…


The Fade

Not all fades were created equal. Depending on your personal taste (and your stylist’s advice), you can take your pick from a number of fade options to see what works best for you. Box fades, which came into popularity in the late ’80s and early ’90s, are still a thing. “You can rock this high with a 3-5cm top, or go a bit shorter if you’re looking for something tighter”, says Mavuso.

A parted fade is for you if you want to try something new while still keeping things simple. “Without being too adventurous, a hard part adds extra flair to a classic fade.” An Afro taper fade is similar to a box fade but allows the top of your hair to grow naturally. If you’re growing your hair out but want to add an extra dimension to it without too much upkeep, try this.


The Buzz Cut

For a very long time, buzz cuts were considered a strictly utilitarian grooming option: quick, easy, and completely without the need for reference or explanation. Because of its long history, it doesn’t go out of style, which makes it perfect for those who would like some assurance before they commit to a new ‘do. The ‘high and tight’ is a variation of this style where the sides are cut slightly shorter than the top for an edgier look.

The Locks

Dreadlocks with an undercut are super cool, especially when styled or dyed. Dreads have a long history, of course, but have been popularised most recently by artists like Migos, Future and Ty Dolla $ign. Twisted or braided locks styled to the back create a more sophisticated look.

The Colour Pop

Colour is such a fun enhancement and it works with all hair types. Make a statement with green, purple, silver, red or any bold colour of your liking and confidently break away from the norm’. Get inspiration from Dior’s Spring 2023 runway show.


A new season deserves a new ‘do, so have some fun trying out something different this summer!