This is The New Smart

Blending your smart and casual clothes is the key to upgrading your everyday aesthetic

These days, suits are a little less likely to be spotted in an office setting, if you work from an office at all, and sweatpants saw themselves become cultural powerhouses, dominating the athleisure looks of yesteryear. Yet between these two complete opposites there’s a space for men to dress differently, integrating what makes them feel comfortable with that makes them feel cool. While we don’t expect you to flip conventions like a black-tie wedding on its head, here’s a handful of looks that embody the new smart. 

A sleek grey checkered suit is a subtle way to add a touch of old school elegance to any outfit. A slim cut keeps the silhouette modern while the jacket retains enough space to fit over a jersey for layering on those colder days. Despite the bold pattern, grey is as neutral as can be and this outfit should be paired with a colourful tee or jersey, depending on the weather, so that you can stand out and catch eyes. A pair of simple white sneakers round out the look, keeping things clean and classic. 

This brown suit screams seventies style in all the best ways. Earthy and laidback, it’s sure to be a versatile addition to any wardrobe. An unbuttoned denim shirt and a white turtleneck complete the retro look, lending the other elements of the outfit a kind of carefree energy. Plain white sneakers, a staple in any closet, mirror the turtleneck to make for a holistic colour palette.

These grey checkered dress pants are the easy-to-wear statement piece you’ve been looking for. Whether paired with a plain white tee and some Chelsea Boots for a punk-rock look or worn with a black suit jacket and some loafers, these are sure to keep you on the cutting edge. Our model wears a burnt sienna tee and a shirt-jacket with a deeper hue of grey that doesn’t drag attention away from the rest of the outfit while still reinforcing the elements there.

Beige used to be boring but that couldn’t be further from the truth now. When creating a monochrome outfit, you want to use colours that are inoffensive when worn in large amounts. Black, navy blue, and even all-white outfits are nothing new but the rise of “desert core” has more and more men looking like they just left the Sahara. Not that we’re complaining, this colour scheme is as complementary as it gets, especially for those with darker skin tones. Use slightly different hues to communicate a gradient like above, where the white shoes blend into the khaki joggers which in turn build toward the darker tones of the jacket and hoodie.

You don’t have to be a Top Gun to rock a flight jacket and this functional and stylish option proves it. Paired with simple grey skinny jeans and a pair of combat boots, this look is a versatile option for a date during those tricky transitory seasons. Add a pair of shades and you’re channeling James Dean and Marlon Brando all in one.

Two-tone checkered pants like these are ideal for pairing with outfits that are dominated by darker colours. In the look above, we use a simple yet endlessly stylish navy blue button-up and bomber to contrast the bold pattern of the pants while a pair of plain white sneakers add the final touch.


Yours in style.