The quick change

The quick change

Don’t get caught off-guard when plans change at the last minute… this season, be prepared for anything.

Summer is all about going with the flow… allow an adventurous spirit to guide you to wherever the day (and night) may lead. From brunch to the pool, to sundowners, to a house party… Even when none of it’s planned it doesn’t mean that you can’t be ready.


Written by Anita Makgetla


Keep it simple

The best thing about summer in South Africa is that everyone gets it. There’s no trying too hard and no overthinking, the point is not to sweat it. Just don your favourite tee, some comfy shorts, a light jacket, a few accessories and you’re golden for basically any casual day-time situation.


Play it cool by the pool

When the next stop (after breakfast or lunch or even dinner) may be a pool party, you have got to be ready. Pop some swim shorts, a light cotton, linen or viscose shirt and some slides in a tote bag and you’re sorted. Think: quick-drying, comfortable and graphic and you’ll be summertime fresh all season.


Be sun savvy

If there’s one thing you should never forget, it’s sun protection. Always make sure you’ve got a cap or bucket hat and sunglasses on hand and, for the love of your precious skin, don’t leave home without sunblock (and reapply it often) – you’ll thank us in 20 years! 


Slide through the day in style

In summer the best shoes to be rocking are a fresh pair of slides. Don’t be ‘that guy’ wearing sneakers at the beach. Go for neutral tones and you will find it easy to match them to most of your summer fits as well as suitable for a variety of adventures that may arise.


Let your accessories do the work

When the sun begins to set, the lure of sundowners calls and, if you’re up for it, a chilled night out may follow. Add that extra layer of sophistication to your daytime look without doing too much by introducing a lightweight blazer over your tee, some dusky shades, a chic leather sling bag and maybe even a chain or two.


Summer is not a time to stress or overthink things… Just follow the vibes, go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

With a little preparation and forethought, you’ll have everything you need to have the best, most stylish summer ever.