The Home of Style: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

At our recent runway show in Cape Town our team created a fashionable world where tradition meets trends.


Written by: Alexander Brand


In the heart of Cape Town, Markham’s runway show at South African Menswear Week (SAMW) showed how our brand continues to marry heritage with contemporary fashion. Presenting a collection that spoke volumes about our ability to stay relevant while also honouring our rich history,  it was a vivid celebration of forward-thinking fashion.



A platform for emerging talent

The evening kicked off with a tribute to creativity and young talent through Markham’s collaboration with FEDISA Fashion School in Cape Town. Showcasing designs from the brightest minds like Zainab Sayanvala, Jesse Hendricks, Saskia Govender, Anne Igboke, Roxanne D’Oliveira, and Gabriella Galaun, the runway became a testament to our brand’s commitment to nurturing the future of fashion. With a prominent focus on denim, this segment was a blend of Markham’s classic aesthetic with a fresh, youthful energy setting the tone for the night.



The Icon Collection: A testament to timeless style

As the show unfolded, Markham’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, aptly named The Icon Collection, took centre stage. Focusing on denim reimagined, the collection featured earthy tones and standout pieces such as a fashion-forward denim jumpsuit and a perfectly tailored brown suit. It was a display of the brand’s prowess in crafting pieces that are at once timeless and trendy, further solidified by unexpected yet stylish accessory choices, like sleek leather boots and unconventional face masks.


A hub of fashion and community

Our influence extended beyond the catwalk, where we created a dynamic activation area for fashion, culture, and community to converge. This space allowed visitors to immerse themselves in our brand’s latest offerings, enjoy complimentary grooming services by Legends Barbershop, and capture memories in an innovative 360-degree mirrored photo booth. It was a reflection of Markham’s ethos of building a community around fashion and self-expression.


We’re proud to say that Markham’s contribution to SAMW harmoniously blended heritage and modernity. It clearly communicated that while our brand is rooted in tradition, we are not afraid to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of style. Markham remains committed to offering innovative, trendsetting fashion that resonates with both our traditional and contemporary consumers – and those who enjoy the fusion of both.