The Essential Staple

Chinos just do not let us down! In celebration of this wardrobe staple, we explore what makes this particular garment so versatile. 

Keeping up with the trends can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but our faithful chinos pull out all the stops with four different designs that will always have your back.

Written by Christine Paige

Trends are both exciting and at times a little exhausting. They encourage us to switch up our style but they move fast, meaning you’ve constantly got to have your eye on the ball, or you need to choose how and when you want to experiment with new looks. 

This is where wardrobe classics like the chino come in. Their pairing power is endless meaning you don’t need to grab a whole new look to try a trend and they can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion. 

We’ve picked out four versatile silhouettes so you can select your favourites based on taste, fit and to-do list. 

Slicker than your average

These straight-leg chinos put a streetwear or skate-inspired spin on the classic silhouette. They’re simple, essential, and reliable. You can trust that having a pair of these in your closet will guarantee an instant outfit glow-up, regardless of whether you’ve got two minutes or two hours to get ready! This brown pair worn with sneakers and a cream jacket tie together a classic yet cool look suited for a casual lunch or a stroll through the city.

Smooth operator

If you want to feel a little more ready for action this season you can do it in these slick slim-fit chinos. The plaid jacket adds a touch of adventure while the grey hoodie keeps it snug. Should you require a bit of a boost as you enter an event full of strangers or head off on a Tinder date, these pants will ensure an effortless cool.

Casual flair

Wondering what to wear to that Sunday summer concert in the park? These cream pleated chinos are exactly what you need. You can be sure whether you’re just hanging out on the lawn with your friends or having a little boogie, you’ll feel laid back and comfortable. Together with a baseball jacket and white kicks you’ll be ready for the gig and that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for the perfect afternoon full of music and good vibes.

The Magnet

We all know the saying ‘If you look great, you feel great’ and when you find the perfect outfit you know how powerful it can be. This soft colour pallet partnered up with a sleek pair of beige tapered chinos and a crisp white shirt will help you channel just that. If you’re searching for a confident yet casual look to wear to that Friday night art exhibition, look no further!

The original chino proves its staying power with the above four looks. The possibilities are endless and no matter the season, you can always count on these classic, adaptable slacks to form the basis of your favourite looks this season, whether you’re keeping it understated or looking to push the boat.