The co-ord set – a seasonal favourite

The co-ord set – a seasonal favourite

Matchy-matchy has never looked so good!


Written by Robert Sam-Kputu


If you’re looking for something cool and casual, stylish yet versatile, the co-ord set is where it’s at. Here are four reasons why it should be your outfit of choice this summer…


1. Simplicity

Co-ord sets are a two-piece matching ensemble made of the same fabric for both the top and bottom, providing a simple way to put together a stylish everyday outfit. From neutral tones to more playful patterns, they offer an effortless way to style comfortable yet fashionable looks that suit almost any occasion.


2. Versatility

From the full-length set (ideal for more formal occasions) to the more casual short variation (for pool days with friends or beach sunset picnics), there are different styles to choose from, giving you options for multiple settings. Small tweaks to the fit, colour or fabric can change the context of the outfit and open up a whole new world of summer style.


3. Cohesion

Suits used to be the height of cohesive menswear – and they remain the original co-ord set. However, as men’s fashion has evolved over the years, the need for strict formality has dissipated and made way for more laid back (yet no less stylish) options – but the effectiveness of a well put together, coordinated outfit remains. 


4. Playfulness

While a neutral co-ord set is a no-brainer, don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern, print and bolder colours – echo the mood of the summer season by injecting some playfulness into your look. And the fun shouldn’t end with the sets themselves… inject interest and eccentricity to your outfit by introducing accessories (think: chains, rings, bangles and more) – matching tops and bottoms create the perfect canvas for add-ons.


Some say that comfort should take precedence over style, but with the simplicity and versatility of a contemporary co-ord set you don’t need to choose.