T-shirt Fit 101

Teeing off, this season with the ideal summer style

We answer 5 key questions about your wardrobe’s most important item. From colour to cut and pairing to wearing, we’ve got your style covered.

Written by Nabeel Allie

How do you pick T-shirt colours?

Colour is often the first thing we notice about T-shirts, and this season’s trend is going bold, so stock your wardrobe with bright colours that are strong when worn alone but easy to pair up. However, trends come and go and there are few things as essential in a wardrobe as black and white tees. These two colours allow you to quickly construct an ensemble: pull a short-sleeve shirt over your white tee, tie a jersey across your black tee or show off a status jersey without getting a chill. When you’re keeping it simple, of course, a well-suited fit is essential.

What cut T-shirt should you buy?

While we all have our favourite cuts and styles, a wardrobe with variation will elevate your aesthetic through the new season. A curved hem, as worn by the model, is a statement-making option that works well with shorts. Long-line T-shirts, often typified by their split-seam, offer a curved shape and natural look by ‘falling’ over your pants. Both curved hem and long-line T-shirts deliver striking looks that will add some seasonal flavour to your rotation.  

The curved hem tee is this season’s must-have T-shirt update. Androgynous styles have worked their way into men’s fashion over the last decade and the long-line T-shirt, finished with a curved hem, embodies this proliferation as it takes a leaf from the T-shirt dress trend and shortens it. Wear it untucked with athleisure jogger shorts, instead of your standard fabric or denim shorts, to deliver a look with sports luxe undertones. A longer T-shirt can make you look taller and add height to your look without being baggy or oversized. Inspired by basketball designs and silhouettes, where spacious vests hang untucked over comfy shorts, the long-line tee exudes dynamism by bringing different worlds together to produce an everyday-style that will update your wardrobe and last the season.

How do I pair a T-shirt?

Because they’re so ubiquitous, we can sometimes stumble into a T-shirt, so it’s important to know what works best for your tees. Your tee is part of an essential three-part combination, working alongside your pants and shoes. Bold colours will speak loudest for you this season, especially when paired with bright accents and earth tones. Take a cue from the model’s two-tone sneakers, where the white sole contrasts nicely with the dark colour of his T-shirt and bucket hat.

Which shoes and accessories do I wear with my T-shirt of choice?

Embrace dynamism with your bold looks this spring. Lace up sneakers that stand out, like a crisp pair of Nike Cortez with a big red swoosh, Puma Suede with the classic two tone style or a playful colourway of Old Skool Vans. With the sun starting to shine brighter and longer, keep a rotation of hats to round off your look’s colour palette and keep your eyes out of the sun. If you wear a patterned T-shirt – striped, logo, or screenprint – even your look with solid colour shorts and shoes and complement its details with a matching watch or a chain. It’s important to add a bit of magic to your outfit so avoid exclusively styling yourself with solid colours – you are not a walking Pantone card. Whether bold or understated, whatever colour your T-shirt, it is the base item that allows your other pieces to flourish.

How do I know when it’s a T-shirt occasion?

T-shirts make their way into every occasion – so it’s all about how you style them. Thick cotton T-shirts with an understated crewneck collar can complete a look when worn underneath a blazer. A light fabric blend tee in a bold sunny colour worn with a pastel-coloured swimming shorts will make you stand out and a simple white tee worn underneath an open shirt will make you fit into the season. When the day cools down, tie your jersey across your body or keep it retro and tie it around your waist.

With lockdowns easing and vaccines spreading, it feels like we’re welcoming this spring with one big breath out. It’s a time when we’re reaching out to be bold and stand out again but it’s also a time to enjoy the things we love once more. Nothing feels like enjoying the sun again than feeling its warmth in your favourite T-shirt.