Sundowner Style

Here’s what happy hour looks like

One of the best things about summer is getting to enjoy an ice-cold drink with friends at your favourite watering hole after a long day.

Written by Afrika Bogatsu

Half price, 2 for 1 or whatever the drinks special, happy hour is a great opportunity to show off your summer style. No one really cares what you order at the bar as long as you look good doing it. Here’s a list of four stylish gents you’ll see at bars across the country between 4pm and 6pm.

Sir sophistication

Now, while you do realise wearing shorts to the office is a bit of a risk, you know you’ve got the confidence and the legs to pull it off. You had a really important presentation at work, which then turned into an extended client lunch. With all the schmoozing done and dusted, you’re ready to kick back and shoot the breeze over some cold ones with your fellas. 

Stand out details: The fact that it’s 6:25pm and your suit still looks freshly pressed, not a wrinkle in sight. The expensive looking timepiece that you call your lucky charm, because you always seem to get lucky with it on.

What are you drinking? You’ll crack open a beer or two to clink to the fellas but as soon as the sun goes down you’ll be sipping whiskey and trying your best not to get frisky. 

Bad boy with the good looks

You believe that a shoe can make or break an outfit. And you also know that you can never go wrong with the classics. The Scots were onto something when they invented Houndstooth. While your colleagues opt for sneakers, you put your best stylish foot forward in a leather lace-up, derby or brogue.

In high school you were known for your always perfectly polished Toughees, and not much has changed except that you keep your shoe shine sponge in the car and not in your blazer pocket. 

Standout details: The leather jacket you throw on when you go outside for a smoke and the silver rings that give you just the right amount of bad boy appeal. 

What are you drinking? A dark ‘n’ stormy because it sounds like the perfect Tinder bio, but vodka is your preferred poison.

The bold and beautiful

You refuse to be boxed in and are unafraid to have fun with your fashion. No one would be daring enough to pair a floral shirt with checkered pants that blur the line between formal and casual and manage to pull it off, except you. Your friends often compare your style to your sense of humour, an acquired taste. But you know you bring all the flavour and are the life of the party.

Standout details: The gold necklace peeking through your unbuttoned shirt, we see you. 

What are you drinking? Long Island iced tea but you’re also always down for shots, as long as it’s good tequila. Not that you can tell the difference after your second, but you’re a winner so you know when to stop, before tequila #4 puts you on the floor.

Hey ol’ sport

You’re not the type to do the most in the name of fashion, but you always make sure that you look presentable. A jeans and plain white tee combo is your uniform, but since it’s summer you thought why not switch it up with a pastel toned tee or golfer and shorts for a sporty look? 

Standout details: You sneakers are crispy clean and the bucket hat you swiped from your homie looks much better on you than it ever did on him. 

What are you drinking? Gin and tonic or a light lager.

Remember to tip the bartenders: your coin goes a long way – line your stomach, and hydrate to avoid hangovers and drink responsibly. Let’s all arrive alive and in style this summer.