Summertime And The Fitting Is Breezy

Breathe new life into your wardrobe this summer – from colour-blocked tees to striped button-ups and everything in between, we’ve got your seasonal drip sorted with our selection of effortlessly stylish shirts.

Ageless and adaptable, these shirts are your season staples.

Whether you’re at the beach, your local watering hole, or a function; one can never underestimate the power of a strong ‘fit. Style is a symbol of your individuality as well as self-respect. To put it plainly, regardless of what you’re busy with; when you look good, you feel better doing it. You could be gunning to look refined at work, sophisticated at a party or just clean cut on the streets, irrespective of the situation; the devil truly is in the details, but so is salvation. Knowing these details is what sets you apart from the pack.

With the height of summer fast approaching, it’s high time to enjoy a sundowner with your crew and flaunt your seasonal style.

The Casual King

Put your effortless cool on display by pairing this ageless, loose-fitting striped shirt with a breezy, colour-blocked T-shirt, in addition to a pair of trendy utility pants. Top it off with a chic bucket hat for a versatile, street-ready get-up suitable for temperamental summers; whether it’s a case of Cape Town’s winter at 9 and sunbathing at 12, a highveld storm, or Durban’s surprise tropical showers.

The Tall, Suave And Stylish

You can never go wrong with black. It certifies, constructs as well as styles, and when you combine a dark button-up shirt with a cream suit pants, a blazer to match and a pair of en vogue sable leather gladiator sandals; you have a classic look dripping in mystique at your disposal.

The Beach Boy

Whether, you surf, skate, or do precisely neither, you’ve got the laidback aesthetic of a guy who loves to kick it old-school. Adorned in these palm trees, you’re set to make a memorable impression without ever appearing too intimidating – just pair it up with your favourite shorts, pull on skate-inspired sneakers, and you’re set to hit the beach or the streets.

The Pop Art-Throb 

Make your presence felt by blending this pop art inspired, graffiti printed shirt with a white tee, black shorts, a gold necklace, corduroy bucket hat, colour matched geo socks as well as an enduring set of black sneakers; and you will have an outfit oozing in laid-back appeal and individuality from this season to the next.