Summer of YOU!

Summer of YOU!

Let us help you to plan your best summer yet…

Written by Alexander Brand


If you haven’t been putting yourself first, now’s the right time to do that. Make summer 2022 the summer of YOU!

Summertime… and the living is easy! Get the most out of the season by becoming the best version of yourself. From prioritising health and wellness to updating your wardrobe and experiencing new things, let us inspire you to start summer with your best foot forward.

Health is wealth

There’s no denying it – when we take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, we step into our true power. Summertime makes it feel a little easier to get back on track. More hours of sunlight, an inclination to eat lighter and healthier, and more time to get outdoors and exercise are just some of the ways that this season trumps the others.

It’s not about an Instagram-worthy beach bod’ – it’s about feeling happy in your skin, however that looks for you.

Here’s where to start:

  • Apply sunscreen – liberally and frequently!
  • Get outdoors and top-up your vitamin D – it’s known to be a mood booster
  • Pick up a new, healthy habit – like reading, journaling or meditating 
  • Stay hydrated – drink a large glass of water the minute you wake up and before you go to bed, as well as before each meal 
  • Get out of the gym and into nature – let the outdoors be your playground
  • Find your summer anthem – and play it on repeat
  • Aim for three to five helpings of fruit and veg with each meal – salads don’t need to be boring (the more toppings the better)


Put yourself first

It’s time to do what YOU want to do. Refrain from being a people-pleaser and instead, prioritise yourself.

The summer months are full of work, family and social events; weddings and picnics, concerts and festivals – it can be overwhelming to try to participate in everything, so make sure that you only say ‘yes’ to the things that you’re truly keen to do, and don’t feel bad for saying ‘no’ to the rest.

This summer, allow yourself and others the freedom to enjoy the season as you see fit!


Make a splash

Although your character is ultimately what matters most, dressing your best can be the perfect first step to feeling good.

Our summer collections offer plenty of options to choose from to express your individuality. Our Island Fresh collection is super laid-back. Think: light and earthy tones and breathable materials that are easy to mix and match – go straight from the beach to the bar in style.

You won’t find a better blend of form and function than in our Utility Lite range. Think: retro shorts, with a slogan tee and an open, short-sleeved button-up. Add your fav’ pair of sunnies and a cool cap and you’re good to go!


Get away

Whether you’re staying put or venturing further afield this holiday, allow yourself to explore and get your adrenaline pumping during your break. No matter where you find yourself, aim to seek out activities that take you out of your comfort zone or expand your mind. Why not:

  • Go ziplining, kayaking or abseiling – experience your surroundings from a different perspective
  • Join a guided nature or city tour – on foot or by bus
  • ​​Attend an outdoor movie or concert – and while away the night under the stars
  • Seek out interesting museums or art galleries – expand your knowledge of different cultures or mediums

Make this summer your best yet by setting some goals, making a few plans and putting yourself first. 2023 is just around the corner – seize what the rest of 2022 has to offer and make this summer about YOU!