Suits you!

Step into spring looking crisp, cool and collected in a new suit

Trends come and go but there are some wardrobe staples that will always serve you. Case in point: the nude two-piece suit.

Written by Shaazia Ebrahim


Suit up, for any occasion

Whether for work or play there’s a move to dressing up post lockdown. Gone are the days of working and entertaining in a grey sweat top and bottoms.

Global and local trends show the shift in mindset and mood to something a little more dapper. As temperatures begin to rise, a nude-hued suit is the perfect way to welcome in the new season.

Find your fit

Good fabric and great tailoring make for a fine suit – and how it fits is just as important.  To look and feel confident in your new-season suit it needs to hug you in all the right ways.

Take note of these guidelines during your fitting:

  • When trying on your jacket, check the shoulder fit – the shoulder should be slightly visible beyond the armhole while fitting comfortably. Neither a shoulder bite (when it’s too tight and tugging) or a baggy shoulder (when the fit is too loose) should occur.
  • Your flat hand should slip easily beneath the suit lapels when the top or middle button is fastened. 
  • A fist beneath the lapels should strain the button.
  • When you put your arms to your sides, the cuff of the jacket should reach your knuckles.
  • Your suit jacket should reach your bottom mid-way; if the jacket covers your entire bottom it is too big. 
  • For your pants, take into consideration the break (where the hemline falls). No break means that the hemline ends just before the ankle, which works well for tapered trousers. A partial break is where the hemline sits at the top of your shoe, and is the most common break for suit pants. A full break borders on being too casual (where the hemline pretty much covers the top of your shoe).

Dress it up or down

Now that you’ve found your fit, dress your neutral suit up or down depending on where you’re headed. For a relaxed look, undo a few shirt buttons, don some sunnies and pair with a crisp pair of sneakers or loafers (if the pants have no break).

For a smarter occasion take your styling up a notch by adding cufflinks, formal shoes and even a tie. Effortlessly stylish either way.

This season is all about showing up – so dress the part by looking smart. Say goodbye to your baggy track pants and your trusty Tee that saw you through the pandemic, and suit up!