Styling & Dining: Wedding Edition

Be the guest who brings their best

Weddings are a time of love, laughter and celebration – but it’s important to remember that while you embrace the festivities you still need to conduct yourself tastefully.

Here’s our ultimate guide for guests… 


Written by Laura du Toit



Weddings are all about numbers – seating, catering and budget all depend on how many people are invited. Read your invitation carefully: unless specifically stated, don’t assume that you can bring a plus-one. RSVP as soon as you can to save the bride and groom a lot of stress. If you’re unable to attend, why not send the couple a note with your best wishes?



Couples often set up a wedding website with all kinds of information: date and time, gift registry, dress code, accommodation options and more. Take a look online before bombarding the bride and groom with questions in the lead up to the wedding – you’ll likely find answers to most of your questions.

Timing is key

At a wedding, there’s no such thing as “fashionably late”. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. That way you can admire the venue, socialise and settle into your seats without causing a scene. If you do arrive late, slip into the back or wait for an usher to seat you.

Dress to impress

There’s nothing worse than being over- or underdressed at a wedding. Most wedding dress codes are semi-formal: you can’t go wrong with a suit – whether you wear it a little more casually (slightly unbuttoned shirt, some jewellery and a hat) or amp it up (with a tie, smart shoes and a confident smile).

It’s generally safe to assume that Birkenstocks and ripped jeans are a “no”… but, casual beach weddings may be the exception, so be sure to check the dress code and plan your outfit in advance.


Picture this

However talented an iPhone photographer you may be, leave it to the professionals to capture the special day. Keep your phone pocketed during the ceremony – or else you may ruin a beautiful photo of the bride walking down the aisle. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of footage during the reception, just remember to be subtle about it.


Cocktails with class

Everyone loves an open bar, but weddings are not the place to get sloppy. Of course, the newlyweds want you to have fun, but try to keep yourself cool and collected. Remember to drink a glass or two of water between rounds of champagne, and enjoy mingling with other guests.


Weddings are about love and life. It’s an honour to be included in such a special day, so stay present and enjoy the occasion!