Sense of style

Sense of style

Does your wardrobe need an injection of happiness? If so, dopamine dressing could be for you!


Written by Shaazia Ebrahim | Images supplied


Dopamine dressing – a term initially coined by fashion psychologist Dr Dawn ‘The Dress Doctor’ Karen – is based on research that shows your mood can be uplifted by wearing ‘happier’ clothing. That’s right, you can feel more joyful and confident simply by making small tweaks to your wardrobe.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to don a head-to-toe yellow suit (unless you’d like to!) but by making a few updates to your day-to-day wear, you can stay stylish, on trend and elevate your mood… what’s not to love?



Go with your gut

How many times have you purchased something without truly loving it? The key is to feel good in what you wear. It’s important to note how you feel when wearing certain clothes; this will help you to find the items that really resonate with you and your individual style.


Find your true colours

Don’t shy away from colour, as colour is proven to enhance your mood. Cold colours like green or blue are said to inspire feelings of calm and creativity, while warm colours like orange and yellow can induce feelings of excitement. Colour is also subjective – influenced by your own experiences, memories and beliefs.

While black can exude power and confidence for some, for others it’s a colour of mourning. Look beyond navy and grey and experiment with colours that you love in order to lift your whole outfit (and outlook).

Get textural

Like colour, different textures can influence the way you feel in an item of clothing. Softer fabrics can be more cosy and comforting while silks can be more sensual. Pay attention to how textures make you feel and don’t be afraid to layer them.

Think raw denim jeans, a brushed cotton shirt and a silk tie. Varying textures create a lovely juxtaposition, adding interest and detail to an outfit.


Be wise – and accessorise

Inject your own personal style into a look with accessories. It can be a bold pair of socks, some killer shades, or a statement watch. But don’t overdo it. Pick one or two points of interest – a tie and a pocket square in different shades, or a necklace and a hat that lifts your look. When in doubt, less is more.

Invest in staples

Investment pieces are named that for a reason – they’re worth spending on. Don’t skimp on your watch, your reading glasses or sunglasses, and your shoes. These are items you wear daily and they can make or break your look. Choose simple styles and shapes that are flattering and those that are timeless – then buy the best that you can afford. Trust us, this one pays off.



The truth is, you should be dressing for yourself, first and foremost. Picking items that make you smile, those that you feel confident in, will always boost your mood.

For some, that could mean all black and clean lines and for others it could be a playful layering of texture and colour. It all comes down to feeling good. And we all know when you feel good, you look good.