Say “I do” to what suits you

Be the best-dressed guest, in your own individual style.

Whether it’s your special day or you’re raising a glass to someone close to you, you’re invited to show up and show off. How you do this is up to you, but we’ve got a couple of suggestions.

Written by Anita Makgetla

Wedding season is the best season, and as in-person weddings become the norm again, it’s time to retire the waist-up-suit and waist-down-sweats combo. To get back into the swing of it, we’ve broken down some of your favourite suit styles to get you wedding-season ready.

The Classic Guest

You’re a classic man. And if you’re going to a wedding you’re gonna be suited up to the nines. Call it the James Bond or the Harvey Specter, you love a well-fitted suit styled to a tee. We’re talking an offset pocket square, suit beautifully pressed and the subtlest jewellery to complement your look. You’re planning on spending the day savouring some single malt whisky, gliding across the dance floor with your date and maybe finishing off the night over a cigar with the boys. 

If it happens to be your special day, you’re pulling out all the stops. Nothing wild or whacky, just pure sophistication that will leave your other half in awe at the end of the aisle. We’re talking cufflinks, perfectly polished brogues and a crease so sharp it will stop guests in their tracks. And while you’re sipping champagne, taking your first dance and cutting your cake, you can be sure there’s not gonna be a single man more dapperly dressed than you.

The Modern Guest

There’s definitely something to be said for a classic suit. If you consider yourself a modernist, that something might just be “kinda boring”. Sure, great tailoring can make you feel like a million bucks, but keeping up that level of pressed and primed perfection just isn’t you. You’d rather centre a little bit of personal flair and playful detailing with a comfortable sneaker and a minimalist silhouette. It’s the type of look that might shock the aunties a bit, but will definitely get the nod of approval from your mates.

All this is doubly true if you’re the one getting married. My guy, this is your day and you get to choose how you look and feel as you commit yourself to the love of your life. Your wedding day is about authenticity and freedom, it’s not about wearing a suit that isn’t you. So, grab a fresh pair of kicks and tell your heart to meet you on the dance floor, because it’s about to be a celebration to remember.

The Unorthodox Guest

Summer’s here and that means weddings in botanical gardens, vineyards and sculpture parks. These are your favourite types of weddings. Wandering across lawns with a beer, watching the first dance with sparklers in hand at sunset and snapping pictures of art, nature and the union of two beautiful souls. This is the time to embrace comfort and ease while still looking good – a statement shirt paired with slacks and some comfortable shoes that you may just take off when the afternoon gets warm enough. These are the weddings that make love look so easy and effortless.

And when you’re the one celebrating your love, you’re going to lean into that comfort and effortlessness. We’re talking craft beer tasting stations, picnic-style late lunches around a grass lawn dance floor lit with fairy lights and tea candles. So, pull a linen blazer and matching linen shorts over a light button down shirt and add some soft, leather-soled shoes to feel appropriately stylish for your laidback day. There’s no pretension and not too much ceremony, just you and the people you care about coming together to celebrate life and love.

And that’s it, your guide to wedding season fits for every type of occasion. Now just make sure you’ve got your speeches, your rings and your dance moves ready.