Say ‘I do’ to style

Be the best dressed at the wedding – without outdoing the bride and groom.

Have you cracked the nod to a wedding or two this season? If so, let us help you get ready for their big day in no time.

Written by Alexander Brand


With wedding season fast approaching, we’re here to assist you in picking out the right fit for your wedding-related duties – whether you’re a guest or a groomsman, the MC or the best man, we’ll ensure that you look your finest during the bachelor party, the ceremony and the reception!

Right-hand man

The go-to attire for a groomsman is generally a suit or a tux that either matches or complements the groom’s outfit. Stick to the same colour scheme as the groom – or something similar – and you’re good to go.

A suit (even just a jacket and slacks) as opposed to a tuxedo is appropriate for a wedding that takes place during the day, outside, or in the warmer months. Muted colours and lighter fabrics are your friend when the Mercury is rising. Darker-hued suits or tuxedos, on the other hand, are where it’s at for an evening event or one that is super swanky and sophisticated.


The bachelor party

What you wear to a bachelor party depends on the planned activities, which could range from a laid-back day spent with the guys at a rugby game cracking open a few cold ones to a formal evening featuring dinner at a fancy restaurant followed by a night out on the town.

Wear whatever you like, from jeans and a T-shirt to a suit and tie, depending on where the day or night will take you. The location and activities of the bachelor party should inform your choice of attire. One word of advice: always dress for comfort.

Dusk ‘til dawn

Easily transition from morning to evening wedding celebrations by making minor changes to your look. A maroon suit, a matching T-shirt and a pair of light, neutral sneakers are the perfect combo for early morning wedding festivities, like brunch or high tea. Add a little personality with a chain and a stylish hat to finish off your ensemble.

For the midday festivities, trade in your tee for a button-up and your sneakers for a pair of white loafers – you’ll instantly look more stylish and sophisticated. Take off the cap and throw on some chic eyewear or wrist bling to complete the look.

When the sun starts to set or you need to get ready for the ceremony, button your shirt all the way up, put on a dark tie, swap your white loafers for a black pair or something a little more formal and add a stylish ring or two – you’re all set!

Don’t let the joy and privilege of being invited to a friend or loved one’s special day be outweighed by your anxiety to look the part! Style and comfort is paramount – and a good sense of humour doesn’t hurt.