Safeguard your suit(s)

Safeguard your suit(s)

Whether you wear suits often or are more of a jeans and sneakers kinda guy, you still have at least one trusty suit hanging up in your wardrobe — and you need to know how to take care of it! 


Written by Alexander Brand | Images supplied & Unsplash


Your suit could have cost you R500, or R5 000 — irrespective you should be looking after it, ensuring that it lasts and is always there to keep you looking dapper for the next soiree that calls for it.

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Store it correctly

It’s important to give your suits enough hanging room while they’re stored. If they are too close to other items it can prevent air from getting to them, which can cause wrinkles and even damage the fibres. We also suggest putting all of your suits in garment bags to keep dust and moths at bay.

According to Tom Beecroft, who runs Mayfair tailoring care and alteration expert The Valet, “using good, shaped hangers and allowing air to circulate around the suit before storing it will keep it fresher for longer”.


To steam or to dry clean?

Cleaning suits with steam is the most effective and gentle on the fabric. So, unless yours is visibly dirty, steam is all you need for a thorough cleaning of a suit.

It will last longer if it is not subjected to dry cleaning or harsh cleaning chemicals. “If you want to prolong the life of your suit, get a steamer,” says GQ fashion editor and suit expert, Jon Tietz.


Have more than one

If your budget allows, having multiple suits is the easiest way to keep your suit game strong, especially if you are someone who dresses up often, either for work or play. For a suit to keep its form, it needs some time off the body and on the rack.

“Not wearing the same suit two days running allows for the fibres to relax and air,” says Beecroft. As an added bonus, the less frequently you deep clean a suit, the longer it will last.

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Address stains immediately

Preventing stains from setting is crucial. If you spill something on your suit, immediately wash it with water — or a solvent if it’s available. Try to avoid direct heat, because it bonds most stains faster.

Instead of scrubbing, dab solvents on stains and let them soak. The stain should be out in no time. If that doesn’t work, repeat the process with a bit of lemon juice.


Planning is key

Ensure that you and your suit are ready for the next big occasion by prepping ahead of time. Hit up your weather app and pick out your ideal fit the night before you need it. Then hang your suit outside your cupboard (removing the garment bag if necessary) and let it air.

Pack out everything else you need too, from your shoes and socks to your underwear and accessories, including a tie, belt, watch, and sunglasses — even cufflinks. Future you will thank you the next day!

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Ensure that you’re always styling in your suit by caring for it just a little more carefully.

It’s worth it, trust us!