Retro fit

The rule-breaking style of the ‘70s is back in the game.

Fashion in the ‘70s was all about standing out and making a statement; conventional styling norms were disregarded and instead, bold colours, daring textures and loose-fitting silhouettes took over.

Written by Alexander Brand


Fashion is cyclical, this we know. And this season, the ‘70s are back – in a big way! Incorporating elements from this era into your current style allows you to curate a fresh and original look – think: cool-and-retro-meets-modern-day. Our latest collection includes iconic design elements from the ‘70s that pay homage to the decade’s aesthetic and are easy to incorporate into a more modern wardrobe. 


Brightly-dressed and bushy-tailed

In the ‘70s, colour played a major role, especially in the world of fashion. In this era, even the most basic styles were given an injection of flamboyance through the use of bold brights. Men were able to stand out and fit in at the same time.

Bright yellow, orange, blue and green are just some of the standout colours that make a subtle appearance – in a collar or a sleeve – in our spring collection. These can transform an ordinary look into something truly remarkable.

Marco polo

Although polo shirts have been around for decades, the 1970s saw the rise of a particularly snug knitted design, often with thick ribbing at the bottom. In recent years, polo shirts have experienced a massive surge in popularity – being produced by everyone from skating brands to high fashion labels.

We’ve included a traditional ‘70s-style knitted polo shirt in our latest collection – choose from the tennis club appropriate white and yellow combo to the more formal green and black offering.

Walk a mile in ‘70s shoes

The 70’s also saw a wide range of shoe styles. However, platform boots remained a perennial favourite. Everyone wore these boots, which had a heel and sole designed to make the wearer look taller. Oxford shoes, Birkenstocks, cowboy boots and Cuban heels were all also widely worn during the decade.

If you’re searching for authentic ‘70s footwear, we’ve got what you need. Whether it’s the classic black Chelsea boot beloved by all rockers or the Birkenstock clog preferred by the free-spirited you’ll find your match!



The rate at which a certain decade’s style is still referenced today is often a strong indicator of how successful it was. The current use of vibrant colours and textures is all you need to know that ‘70s style is here to stay.