Forge a better tomorrow by building with purpose and vision.

We take responsibility for our actions and live with purpose and vision, building a legacy for all who come after us. We use our voices for good and are moving to forge a better tomorrow. 

Written by Anita Makgetla 

We’ve started the year off strong. We are finally settling into consistent routines and finding our feet again after the last two years. We’re rebuilding lifestyles that support our growth and grounding ourselves in values that affirm us. It’s not about new year’s resolutions and goals for the year. It’s about intentions and behaviours that build us because the Markham Man is a man of purpose, determination and legacy.

With this view of 2022, we welcome you to join the Markham Movement. It is a movement focused on building ourselves and our communities by being the best versions of ourselves. Through supportive communities of inspired, responsible and hard-working men, we can actively and positively change the quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones. 

To take on the mantle of future-builders, we as men need to acknowledge our responsibilities. We support our families, we own our vulnerabilities and we actively seek to be better examples of masculinity for our peers and the boys and young men in our lives. In many ways, this means living the values that uphold dignity and empower those who don’t feel validated by society. We must prove our willingness to protect or, alternatively, hold accountable the people in our lives who need it.

And where does Markham come into this? We’re a brand that is about substance and not clout. About doing, not saying. Not about individualism, but about the individuals that make up communities. 

We want to encourage you to find your truth, your stylistic identity, through style that represents you and not what the world thinks you should look like. When it comes to style, we value quality and longevity, simplicity and considered detailing, subtlety and craft. A Markham wardrobe isn’t a flashy man’s wardrobe – instead it’s understated and sophisticated.

Focusing on comfort and style, you can take your pick of jeans, slacks and joggers paired with printed tees, flannels and hoodies in easy-to-wear, yet striking colourways. These, when paired with a range of puffers, Harringtons or leather jackets, provide looks that exude playful exuberance through comfortable and relevant combinations. And when paired with crisp sneakers and complementing beanies, caps or bucket hats, these looks give a well-rounded, cohesive and unbothered impression.

Like a capsule collection, the AW22 Markham Man collection is about seamless functionality of clothes that can be coupled and decoupled with ease and efficiency. Comfortable silhouettes demonstrate a respect for cut without pretension and ostentation while functional, easy-to-maintain fabrics mean you are guaranteed to look effortlessly good every day.

We are making your dressing your intentions easy. By setting yourself up with a wardrobe of comfortable, reliable and interchangeable pieces, you can be sure that the daily process of getting dressed is simple, effective and efficient, allowing you to focus your energies on the things that really matter in your life.