Freshly-pressed and well-dressed: Shop these just-dropped drips! 

If you’ve been spending every available moment on Netflix like the rest of us, you might have noticed that Asian series and fashion have stolen our hearts. Join us in celebrating them with our limited-edition collection.

Written by Jennifer Worthington-Smith 

From the avant-garde streetwear looks spotted at Seoul Fashion Week to the architectural minimalism seen on the sidewalks of Tokyo, Asia’s style has always been ahead of the curve. Sharp cuts, well-thought-out silhouettes and the-next-big-thing brands have long taken over our timelines while boundary-pushing directors and spectacular cinematography have recently filled our screens – think Squid Game and #Alive.

Markham’s latest collection celebrates pop culture references and fashionable ensembles from the continent’s forward-thinking capitals to bring you everyday pieces that tell a story in both design and silhouette. 

Hood like you should 

This monotone tracksuit manages to look laid-back yet trendy with its classic colour scheme and Animé prints. Embrace your mysterious side with the deep hood and off-the-shoulder cut. The loose fit not only provides comfort and warmth but also a feeling of casual charm that strengthens the look of the body while softening it. The cropped hoodie flatters the shape and the emotive imagery celebrates Japanese animation, inspiring the fighting spirit within. 

Tokyo Trend-setter

Clean lines and a well-designed, oversized cut can elevate a T-shirt and trousers look from slouchy home-wear to high fashion. This outfit provides an adaptable base for any accessories or shoes you might want to pair with it, without feeling overdressed. The trousers lengthen the legs with their cut – simply add a pair of sneakers or sandals and you’ll be set to take on Tokyo. 

Crisp and Comfortable

For more formal attire that still feels relaxed and ready for any occasion, try this shacket (shirt-jacket) and wide-leg trouser combo. The shacket is both lightweight and warm, and paired with a bright tee beneath, it provides a bold, fashionable fit without feeling too daring. A collar and cuffs will always elevate your look, and the wide-leg, cropped trousers will have you feeling fresh and fashion-forward. 

There’s no need to admire Asia’s styling prowess from the other side of a screen. Since childhood we’ve appreciated the artistic influence of Spirited Away and Avatar: The Last Airbender and now Asian cinema is getting the attention it deserves from the mainstream. Our new, limited-edition selection will immerse you in this artistry, keeping you on-trend and in the know. Don’t miss out.