Markham Designer Collaboration

Five of South Africa’s emerging designers bring their works to life  

Markham has assembled five of South Africa’s finest designers, African Ginger, Masonwabe, MASHie, Norsky_96 and Yay Abe to put their style on summer. From signature prints to trademark touches, they’re here to leave their mark on summer.  

Five emerging South African designers are realising their upcoming summer pieces in collaboration with Markham. Support local this season by embracing each designer’s signature touch,  like Masonwabe’s striking contours and youthful undertones. His unique style won him the 2019 Young@Art Exhibition and the following year saw him design limited edition Youth Month packaging for Yogi Sip. MASHie is a multidisciplinarian whose triple-panel Instagram posts show off the best of her digital work. She celebrates, questions and speaks through her digital art, which centres women in its design and narrative, and brings the natural world to life in her canvas art.

African Ginger’s layered, collage-like illustrations blend imagery and ideas from different times to produce stunning combinations. His work is often typified by graffiti-inspired text additions and overlaid alterations – like ears, crowns and third eyes – to digital portraits. A marriage of pop art and flatback drawing resembles structured doodling, a style that underlines Yay Abe’s recent work. A striking pairing with KFC saw Abe’s style adorned across the brand’s iconic chicken bucket and also featured tote bags and T-shirts.

For Gilbert ‘Norsky_96’, a self-taught pen drawing expert, this collaboration is one of his first in fashion. “It’s all about being you, wearing what makes you comfortable and completing your look,” noted Norsky_96, who has expanded his work beyond drawings into paintings that explore shape, structure and tones.

Celebrate award-winning local designers from across South Africa. Shop and explore the Markham collaboration with Maishe, Masonwabe, African Ginger, Norsky_96 and Yay Abe, online and in-store.