Low-tops can lift your sneaker game 

Get style elevation with quirky, cool, or classic tread. 

Low-tops aren’t the new kicks on the block: they’ve remained a firm fashion favourite. Whether you need to step things up or lace up with relaxation in mind, this timeless pair adapts to every look. 

Written by Eva Murphy 

We all have our own unique style that we love to put together before heading out the door each day. Are you a snappy dresser who puts a classy twist on every ensemble, are you ‘casual Joe’ with an easy effortless style, or do you inject a healthy dose of individuality into your look? 

Mr Slick 

Ever versatile with endless street cred, the All Star low-top sneaker can be matched with almost anything. This classic suit style balances a ‘business-first’ agenda with a laidback, shorts-and-sneakers approach to life. This look is ideal for a day when you need to be on the move but all business with every stride. A fresh white shirt will make your low-tops pop, while the soft and conservative plaid pattern keeps it smart and professional. 

Just chill 

Life is good and the living is easy, especially for this guy. Kick back with your favourite low-tops and feel both casual and chic with a relaxed look. Natural shades of stone coupled with a fresh stripe and easy white tee – it all comes together effortlessly. Complement this super chilled vibe with your favourite signature accessories or aviator sunglasses to add extra fashion finesse. Change it up for the evening with a pair of chinos  and a fresh, crisp shirt, with two popped buttons and loosely rolled-up sleeves. 

Cool quirk

These low-tops mix so well with denim, it would be a shame not to showcase them in this trendy look that combines a fresh white tee, timeless denim dungarees, and the comfort and cool factor of the low-top kick. Pick things up a notch or two with an ever-practical moonbag, and add some shine with a watch, mixed or matched with a chunky bangle. For a more creative and less machismo take on this look, lift up your overalls and pop in your top straps for more structure plus extra comfort and quirkiness. 

Have you seen yourself in these signature looks? Whether you can identify your style or not, once you have a pair of low-top kicks you can endlessly customise your closet to go with your favourite pair. These three looks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the versatility that low-top basketball silhouettes can offer you, so pull up your (secret) socks, earn some street cred, and start playing with a pair of your very own.