Level up your look this season with versatile, on-trend pieces

Ways to Wear It: 5 Easy Upgrades

After far too long spent indoors and isolated, a lot of us are looking at our closets with some confusion. The easiest way to get back into the swing of things and update your aesthetic is with a handful of statement pieces, easily paired with the versatile basics that you have on hand already. Whichever on-trend option you go for, we’ve got you covered.

Big and bold: logo sportswear

Text-heavy scarves and boldly branded sportswear are a great way to add a touch of flair to an otherwise easygoing outfit. Tracksuits are the natural choice when you’re going from gym to the grocery store and back home, in comfort and style. Scarves are ideal for those windy winter days and always look classy layered under a jacket or coat.

Stay trippy: tie-dye sweats

Tie-dye is having a moment again as high fashion labels look to the seventies for inspiration. Ideal for adding a bright pop of colour to an otherwise muted look, this sweatshirt is ready to pair with grey, navy, or black pants for eye-catching effect. 

Headwear heat: the beanie

Summer is the season of the cap but in winter, the beanie has its time to shine. Functional and fashionable, it’s great for daily commutes and evenings out. If that’s just not your style, you’ll never go wrong with a classic 5-panel and a comfortable hoodie for those cold nights.

Ice cold kicks: the footwear selects

Show everyone your shoe game never fell off with these fresh sneakers and boots. As the rainy season comes in, you’ll need something to keep the water off and your feet warm if you want to spend much time outside. Our boots do just that and also sport a handy side-zip to make them a breeze to put on or take off.

Puff daddy: the puffer jacket

The puffer is the king of winter jackets. Warm, light, and easy to wear, these cold-weather wonders are made to last. Add a modern touch to the look with our neon and reflective puffer jackets, whose bold aesthetics will make sure you stand out in any storm. 

Yours in style.