Leading with layers

Three tips for layering jackets this winter.

Jackets might be a practical staple, but nail your styling and they come into their own when the forecast is freezing. Play with different pieces as a chef does with ingredients to cook up some flavourful looks.

Written by  Robert Sam-Kputu


Winter layering gives us an opportunity to style a new fit with existing clothes, finding interesting combinations we can mix up all year round.

But the question to answer is: how do you layer to elevate your style and keep your outfits flexible enough to see you through it all, from brisk and breezy mornings to beers with friends at a bustling bar? We’ve got the combinations to keep you going, no matter the forecast.


Back to basics

There are levels to layering. Some outfits are pretty experimental and require a more extensive wardrobe, whilst others are simple to put together – like the classic varsity ensemble that layers a jacket over a comfy hoodie. With the weather making outfit selection a constant game of roulette, this is a tried-and-true pick for everyday pairing.

From bombers to puffers, from lettermen to leather, this clean combination can be kept low-key with muted tones or elevated with a pop of colour.


In the feels

Textures are a key, and often underrated, component of fashion. Layering allows you to play around with different textured materials to give some depth to your look. Instead of the smoother feel of a classic hoodie or jumper, layering a jacket over various knit and fleece-lined items can make for a more sophisticated and breathable outfit.

You can even explore different textures in the same article of clothing, like the combination of suede and leather in a letterman jacket, or try different patterns to achieve a similar result. With so many fabrics available, there are always options to suit your vibe.


 You do you 

Layering is about knowing your closet and understanding how to combine the different parts of your collection. It’s a skill that allows you to switch up your looks and even locate that one jacket you can rotate into different outfits. Mixing patterns and textures and taking advantage of the opportunity to colour block can make for a much bolder statement.


Your look reflects your personality, so take advantage of the layers in your closet to put together fits that show your dimensions. Have fun getting to know your wardrobe and discovering how different items of clothing work together to express your style.