Just for kicks: Your guide to summer sneakers

Our pick of the top five styles for the sunny season.

The weather’s getting warmer and we’re all showing more skin but just because we aren’t layering anymore, doesn’t mean we have to lose any style points. Your summer uniform is probably pretty simple: a T-shirt and shorts or some kind of long pants but you can always elevate your look with a pair of sneakers. Meet the kicks that are perfect for summer and ideal for any occasion. It’s time to put the sandals away for a bit and try our pick of the top five styles for the sunny season.

Written by Buntu Ngcuka

The high-top

Originally a basketball shoe, high-top sneakers have evolved into a fashion staple and favourite for everyone – not just serious sneakerheads. They’re an easy way to add some laid-back street vibes to your look. This season, try different textures and silhouettes. We’re feeling denim at the moment and you can elevate your look – literally, with a chunky sole. For an effortlessly cool and casual look, team these joggers and an oversized T-shirt (think extra-length, dropped shoulders and maybe something graphic to make more of a statement). If it’s chilly, top things off with a denim jacket and you’ll be ready to hit the town.


The textured low-top

If you feel like dressing up (and after this crazy amount of time we’ve spent under lockdown, we don’t blame you for taking any chance to do so), finish off your look with textured sneakers. Canvas is great but leather, suede or nubuck kicks can help you pull off a smart look without the need for lacing up in a pair of formal shoes. You can wear these to the office, a wedding, a dinner party, a date, the club…consider them your dress-up shoes for the season. Wear them with chinos and a tucked-in with a linen shirt the next time you score an invite to something fancy.

The tennis shoe

If you like to keep things on the minimal side and prefer something less showy, then the tennis shoe is for you. They’re a favourite because of how they’re so easy to style. Gone are the days where you needed short-shorts and a polo to rock them. Not convinced? Try them with a linen suit, chinos and a T-shirt or shorts and an Oxford button-up. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t wear them with – the perfect summer investment if you ask us.

The sporty, minimalist sneaker

As the name suggests, these kicks were made for running around in. If you’re the active type, you’ve found your match. You don’t have to be at Andre Agassi levels of pro but when it comes to your style, you might have to. So let us guide you here. Pair these with sweats and you can’t go wrong. Whether they’re joggers or shorts, you’ll look equally in place on the tennis court as you would on a basketball court.

The old-school trainer

The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so why not try on some trainers? Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a jog or just wearing joggers to walk to the shop up the road, trainers add a cool, sporty touch to your look. Channel your inner athlete with kicks that have a logo on the side. It gives a retro 90s feel, and as you know everything 90s is back, even if it means you have to emulate your parent’s favourite RnB star.


So no matter your chosen summer activity or aesthetic, we’ve got you covered. All you need to remember is to keep it versatile, keep it smart casual and keep it flexible. You never know what your summer plans will end up being.