Introducing our SAMW 2023 collection

This season we brought the relentless spirit of the ocean and the tranquillity of coastal living to life in our SS23 collection for South African Menswear Week. Here’s what inspired us…


Written by: Robert Sam-Kputu


A harmonious fusion of contrasting elements, our new season range has been meticulously curated to celebrate the essence of South African coastal living.


Fusing energy and tranquillity

Our SS23 collection for South African Menswear Week (SAMW) takes inspiration from the captivating duality of the ocean’s energy and the peaceful coastal lifestyle. With each piece, the collection echoes the past, hints at the future, and exudes the spirit of the present.



Interplay of contrasts

At the heart of this collection lies an intricate interplay of utility pieces and softer fabrics. It’s a unique juxtaposition rarely ventured into, where the unrestrained energy of the ocean’s torrents meets the tranquillity of coastal living. A carefully curated combination of materials, forms, and styles, makes this collection a true standout in the world of men’s fashion.



Fabric first

One of the hallmarks of the SS23 collection is our meticulous selection of fabrics. Venturing across a spectrum of sensations we bring this coastal-inspired collection to life. From glistening, evocative textures that mimic the play of sunlight on the water’s surface to delicate, intricate details that nod to hidden depths, every fabric choice speaks to the duality inherent in the coastal experience.



Coastal living

Evoking coastal living to a tee, this collection invites you to embark on a sartorial journey that harmonises the turbulent allure of the ocean with the sublime refinement of a beachy lifestyle. It celebrates the juxtaposition of strength and serenity, form and function, and it’s a testament to the diverse and ever-evolving nature of men’s fashion.



With this SS23 SAMW collection we wanted to deliver more than just clothing, but rather an experience. This collection encapsulates our brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and style, making it a must-have for fashion-conscious men. So, whether you’re looking for a statement piece for a special occasion or a more relaxed outfit for everyday wear, this range has something for everyone. It’s a fusion of the past, present, and future, capturing the essence of coastal living in every stitch.


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