I say ‘Chino’, you say ‘Let’s go!’

Three looks with one staple, we explore the chino that holds true to every wardrobe’s collection.

This season we focus on reliable and versatile workwear guaranteed to make it easier to get back into the swing of work things.

Written by Christine Paige

As we move into a new year and space, it’s important to channel the motivational energy that’s going to keep you focused and balanced while back in the flow of work and at the office. We’ve put together a few ‘Back to Work’ looks that are guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh and ready for success. These looks are built around the never-failing chino. If you don’t know, now you know.

The Wall Street

You know what you want and you know how to get it. Let your inner smooth operator shine in this chic blue blazer with a white button-down shirt to match, and feel confident while doing it. With a pair of formal shoes to top off the look, you can dress up the chino to fit any corporate environment.

The Hustler

Get your game face on because now is the time to start thinking of new and creative ways to make that cash and make it good! Boasting a fresh pair of two-tone brown kicks, you’re sure to be steady on your feet. Complete the look with a denim jacket and casual tee and you’ll be prepared for anything while still looking professional and ready for the hustle. Whether you’re at work, out of office, or around town, this is the look for you.

The Social Network

If one thing can inspire you, it’s the fact that you can start an empire from a garage and that should catapult you in the right direction. Here we have a pair of lace-up white sneakers and a simple white pinstripe shirt to keep the look more smart than casual. This is the ‘feel rich, get rich’ mindset we need!

As we’ve seen from the above three looks, you can do anything in chinos. From the most corporate of environments, to laid back start-up spaces and even the freelance offices for the day, this item of clothing will never let you down. This is the positive attitude you need to keep yourself afloat and focus on bringing all the success 2022 has to offer. Step up, dress up and see where this year takes you!