How to build winter outfits

Upgrade your cold-weather wardrobe with these essentials. 

It’s time to pack up the summer threads and bundle up for chillier weather. Check out how we’re styling our new favourite winter staples! Cosy levels guaranteed, no matter what stage of loadshedding it is.

Written by Madeleine Bazil

When it comes to cold-weather dressing, versatility is king – especially with key wardrobe items that you can wear from day to night, and from work to play, without sacrificing ease. You never know where life might take you, and luckily our new hoodies and joggers make it easy to say yes to spontaneity. You’ll be reaching for these staple pieces all winter long, for all occasions. 

Field work

Ah, the humble hoodie: the under-appreciated MVP of the winter wardrobe’s starting lineup. Give our perfectly soft grey hoodie its moment to shine as a core base layer, providing you with extra insulation for a work day spent outside. Level things up by layering it underneath a black colourblock parka jacket to stay warm even before your first cup of coffee. The jacket is fitted with brown pocket and sleeve accents, which you can style to complement you accessories or footwear choice. We give this look a winning performance review: points for style and for comfort.

Stay warm, get lit

Our fleece jackets have your back, literally. These pillow-soft zip-ups will transport you from daytime plans to a night on the town before you can even grab the menu off the table. Throw on a fleece over a casual ensemble of joggers, boots, and a hoodie for a relaxed daytime look. When the sun goes down, swap out the sweats for khakis or jeans – keep the jacket, of course, and you’re all set for whatever the evening’s got in store. Whether your night holds a dinner, a drink, a dance floor, or all of the above, this fleece makes the perfect plus-one.

Styling winter ‘fits for any and all occasions is easy when you’ve got versatile, comfortable building blocks to work with. By mix-and-matching these cosy staple pieces, you’re setting yourself up for success no matter the weather. Layer up, and we promise you’ve got the whole season on lock.