Hello, Yellow

A step-to-step guide to pulling off the season’s most optimistic hue.

In the world of visual associations, It’s hardly an understatement to say that yellow has a chokehold on bright, summery optimism.

Written by Tshiamo Seape

Nothing says, “look at me, I’m happy”, like flaunting yellow. With that being said, the level of apprehension attached to actually pulling off a halfway decent ensemble featuring the colour is far too high. This anxiety is entirely unwarranted: as always, we’re here to help you to unlock the potential in your wardrobe by providing you with the best advice for stepping out in style.

Yellow is your friend

The genius of yellow (and how you style it) is that the rewards far outweigh the risk. With the smallest amount of effort, you can transform yourself into a style god. The trick with yellow comes down to a straightforward mantra: less is more. The implications are already there – bold, bright and sunny – so there’s no need to make too big a statement as far as styling is concerned. Practice restraint and let the colours do the heavy lifting.

Started from the bottom

The thought of bright yellow bottoms might not need to be a daunting one, especially considering how casual this season’s offerings are. When making your pants the hero of the outfit, opt for a relaxed approach when choosing your shirt and shoes. Neutrals are a classic for a reason and won’t distract from or clash with the presence of yellow. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, muted blues and greens are an ideal way to complement the brightness of your pants, shirt, or jacket.

If you want to keep colour a theme throughout the fit, opt for bright accents rather than a barrage of technicolour. The beautiful thing about this approach is that you can make any outfit seem considered without really requiring that much mental bandwidth to pull off. 

Shoe and improved 

Staying on the theme of accenting your outfit, we can recommend a few pieces for this. When the weather calls for it, there are few pleasures more simple and profound than feeling the breeze in between your toes. If this image piques your interest, why not go all-in on a pair of statement sandals for the beach or other outdoor excursions?

If sandals aren’t your thing, move north in favour of a yellow bucket hat. Where sandals, regardless of their style credentials, are confined to the ultra-casual, bucket hats scream effortless cool and versatility. The beach, the bar or even a big night out are no match for a bucket hat.


As we love to stress: the key to good style is personal style. Fashion should be fun, and there are a few colours more fun than yellow. An instant mood brightener and talking point, yellow can be your secret weapon this summer – if you just let it.