Gifting ideas for your partner this Valentine’s Day

Gifting ideas for your partner this Valentine’s Day

Whether your significant other is super low maintenance and swears that he doesn’t want anything for V-Day, or if he’s all about the spoils, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift.


Written by  Alexander Brand | Images supplied 


We’ve taken the guesswork out of Valentine’s Day gifting for your partner this year. No matter what their vibe or likes, we’re certain that Markham has something that they’d covet. Whether he’s into sports or glam, work or Netflix marathons, we’ve got your covered…


Sporty energy

Is your partner the never-miss-a-game (or the gym) type? Then we recommend a white basic vest and tricot tracksuit pants, so he can break a sweat while still looking stylish and comfortable.

Add a curved peak cap and a pair of sports socks and you’ve kitted him out with a new look that’s good to go. To top it off, how about throwing in a utility backpack? Who says sporty can’t be fashionable?


Mr all-work-and-no-play

Now let’s say your man is all about the hustle, then a very different approach is needed. You can’t go wrong with a classic suit jacket and trousers combo with a pair of textured cufflinks or a stylish tie. And let’s not lie, if he looks fine, you both win.


Smooth operator

Maybe your partner likes to be ‘the man’ – whether it’s in the club or on a yacht, at dinner with your parents or even at the movies – his motto is ‘you can never be overdressed’. Well then you better make sure that you get him something stylish and in line with his taste.

What about a pair of smart shoes (like some loafers), a classy watch and some blinged-up sunnies this Valentine’s Day? You’ll leave him feeling like the chic pack leader he aims to be – just how he likes it.


Mr calm, cool and casual

Is your guy more of an introverted, laidback man? Prefers a chilled picnic in the park over rubbing shoulders with the who’s-who at a glam beach bar? Just because he’s not the loudest one in the room, it doesn’t mean he needs to look like a plain Jane (or James).

He is probably a bit more practical, so get him an easy-to-wear selection of casual shirts (like polo golfers) and shorts (cargos will do just fine), and some everyday sunglasses that he can wear with every outfit.



Even the hard-to-shop-for men will love these gifts.

So before Valentine’s Day creeps up on you, hit up your nearest Markham and get everything you need – or better yet, order online, now!