Get Some Summer Scents

Accentuate your summer style and uplift your aesthetic with refreshing citrus notes, sandalwood tones and peppery bases.

Open your eyes to this season’s fragrances 

Now that we’re all dressed up and ready to leave the house, it’s time to think about one thing most of us have neglected during lockdown – fragrances. They’re the final touch to any outfit and they’re a grooming essential. Not sure which scent matches your personality and style? Read on for tips on how to pick the right one for you.

Choose a scent based on the season

The ideal summer fragrance is light and fresh. It doesn’t have any spicy or heavy notes like cardamom, tobacco, leather or vanilla. It’s best to stick to something that won’t overwhelm you or those around you but also something that won’t get lost in the wind around you either. Each scent has opening notes, which is what you first smell when you spritz it on. These are usually lighter and tend to fade away as the day goes on. What you should be looking for are strong middle and base notes: they make up the long-lasting heart of the scent and what you’ll smell later on in the day.

For an athleisure look

The fragrance: Moschino Forever

What does it smell like? It opens up with refreshing citrus notes before heading into peppery, sandalwood and tonka bean middle base notes.   

The outfit: A fun scent deserves a fun outfit, so put up on your finest hypebeast gear. We recommend a sleeveless hoodie, shorts and finish things off with socks and slides.

For when you’re suited up

The fragrance: MKM’s Men’s Black Fragrance

What does it smell like? This classic, easy-to-wear scent opens with notes of citrus, aqua and amber before landing on a woody base.

The outfit: Keep it simple in a double-breasted suit, but elevate it this summer and go for a patterned version: right now, we’re loving checks, plaids and houndstooth. Complete the look with leather sneakers for a modern touch.

Add some fun with tie-dye

The fragrance: Micheal Kors for Men

What does it smell like? This fragrance is a strong one, probably best-suited for cool days and evenings or if you’re going to be out all day, and into the night. Michael Kors himself described it as a hybrid fragrance. It opens with aromatic notes and has slightly intense balsamic and woody middle and base notes.

The outfit: Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a tie-dye combo. Now that you know how to pull off the co-ord look, team this unexpected scent with your two-piece and you’re set for summer.

The classic off-duty look

The fragrance: Chrome Azzaro for Men

What does it smell like? It’s fresh and summery, with opening citrusy notes that are sure to capture the attention of those around you. But they’ll know you’ve scored big when it comes to the sandalwood and musk notes.

The outfit: While this fragrance could be mistaken for being one for formal occasions, it works just as well when you’re dressed down too. So what to wear? Try shorts and a T-shirt, and layer with a bright, floral shirt that’s perfect for a sunny day.