Get (in)vested

Sweater vests are a classic – and this winter’s comeback kid.

The sweater vest is a preppy classic making a big comeback – just in time to be your best asset when it comes to winter layering.

Written by Shereen Goosen


The Sweater Vest

With the resurgence of the preppy trend (think button-downs, tailored trousers, and cable knits) comes the unexpected buy of the season – the sweater vest. It’s the comeback no one saw coming, and although historically associated with the sporty elite and those of a certain age who spend their days working on their swing, this winter it’s bound to be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.


As athleisure has pivoted into retro athleisure post-pandemic, a more tailored approach to comfort-is-key has emerged and with it the sweater vest. Striking the perfect balance between casual and smart, playful and serious, it not only possesses the comfort we’ve all come to know (and love) over the last two years, but it’s also a layering game-changer during the colder months.


Depending on the forecast, wear it over a T-shirt and pair it with jeans and a jacket for a casual look; over a button-down with a tailored trouser and a coat for a meeting; or if you want to channel Harry Styles (the king of the sweater vest), wear it with no shirt and a blazer over. This way, no matter how the weather plays out, you’ll have an extra layer on for warmth that can easily be taken off if the temperature rises and vice versa.


The other great thing about the sweater vest is that you can add one to your wardrobe that complements your existing style – no need to overhaul your look to make it work. If your dressing is more on the conservative side and you prefer wearing what you know, opt for a solid colour with a border in a contrasting hue and a classic knit. Enjoy making a statement with your clothes? Go all out with a unique print and bold colour combination. Either way, have fun with it.


Don’t let your styling creativity hibernate this winter. There’s a look and a colour for every occasion. And your favourite sweats are not just along for the ride, they’re behind the wheel.