Gearing up for the new season: Men’s Fashion Trends for AW24 (Part 2)

Bye bye summer flings, hello fall feels! Here is our part 2 round-up of AW 2024 menswear trends, from chilled ‘sober nature’ vibes to bold black and white statements – get ready for cooler days and hotter style with us.


Written by: Alexander Brand


The autumn-winter season’s menswear trends are looking fresh! Want calm comfort with nature-inspired tones? Check. Craving classic cool with black and white? We got you. Want to redefine your workwear? Sorted!



Trend 1: ‘Sober nature’

Picture this: a crackling fireplace, warm drink in hand, and you, draped in cosy comfort. That’s the essence of ‘Sober nature’, a trend that swaps the neon lights for the calming hues of grey. Chunky knit sweaters become your new best friend, textured jackets add depth, and classic tartan patterns bring a touch of timeless style. This trend is all about effortless cool that feels good and looks even better.

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Trend 2: Black & white

This classic combo isn’t going anywhere, but AW24 gives it a modern makeover. Forget simple basics — think bold, graphic patterns like houndstooth and checks that come in all sizes. Play with contrasts, rock sharp cuts, and let the black and white do the talking. This trend is for the guy who wants to make a statement without shouting too loud. Picture head-turning wool coats and outerwear that’ll have everyone asking, ‘Where’d you get that?’

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Trend 3: Sweater weather, amplified

Move over itchy wool pullovers! Knitwear is shedding its old skin and stepping into the spotlight. From the sleek jerseys of Jil Sander to Zegna’s bold takes and Gucci’s oversized options, there’s a sweater for every personality. Experiment with different yarns — think: chunky cable knits or smooth merinos — and explore new shapes and textures. This season, your sweater is more than just warmth, it’s a statement piece that reflects your unique style.

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Trend 4: Workwear redefined

Ditch the boring button-downs, fellas. Workwear is stepping out of the shadows and onto the scene, revamped for the modern man. Imagine classic pieces like jumpsuits and chore coats reimagined with a fresh twist — think sharp Dickies overalls with a tapered fit, Carhartt jackets upgraded with clean cuts, or iconic Wrangler denim reinterpreted with bold pockets. It’s all about clean lines, functionality, and style that goes from the office to the weekend hangout without missing a beat. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Rock a tailored jumpsuit with sneakers for a laid-back look, layer a chore coat over a graphic tee for a dose of edge, or pair denim on denim and own that ruggedly handsome vibe. Remember, workwear isn’t about conformity — it’s about expressing your individuality through these versatile pieces.

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Fashion is about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, so don’t be afraid to break the rules and write your own sartorial story this season. With Markham’s selection of stylish pieces, you have the tools to navigate the fall fashion scene and leave your mark.

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