Future-Fit: Saved by the Melton Jacket

For centuries the jacket has remained a key item in the everyday man’s wardrobe. The Melton jacket in particular is a practical piece that not only keeps one warm during the winter season but also inspires a sense of sophistication no matter where you go.

Whether you are drawn to a printed coat design or a plainer textured look and feel, adding this iconic piece to your wardrobe will elevate your look and can be worn to any occasion, provided you don’t mind being the center of attention of course.



Frowned upon in the past, knit joggers and ath-inspired styles have now paved the way for a refreshed uniform at home and in the workplace. Thanks to most well-known street wear brands introducing athleisure silhouettes we are now at the forefront of embracing a more comfortable and relaxed approach to smart casual dressing.



Neutral colours set the scene and should be incorporated in your wardrobe staples this season. The neutral colour palette has a wide spectrum which progressively moves from your darker shades of black and grey to your lighter shades such as brown, beige and ecru. These tones all work cohesively and allow for effortless layering options, so don’t be afraid to play when deciding which items to mix and match when purchasing your new essential wardrobe classics. Taking all of this into account we will now show you a few styling options playing with sweats, but held together by the Melton jacket.



Our first look introduces warm neutrals moving away from cotton bottoms and rather embracing a sweatpants and hoodie co-ord. We have chosen to pair a plain smarter designed overcoat with this ensemble as it will naturally elevate your sweats combo giving it a more multifunctional end-use. To complete the look, slip on a knit beanie and lace up your canvas sneaker for ease of comfort and you are ready to head straight from business to pleasure ending your day in the most stylish manner.



Black has and always will be a staple colour in your wardrobe. Applying this principle, purchasing a black Melton jacket does not only keep away the winter blues, but provides one with an easy base to start building your look from. We have chosen to incorporate a jogger that has a smart fine stripe design which will give the illusion of a formal pant. This modern print direction pays homage to the formal trouser whilst also allowing for an easy and more accessible transition into your modern approach to corporate’s new norm of dressing.

Word to the wise: If you would like to obtain a jacket, then buying one new is advisable to avoid inadvertently picking up a coat that fits poorly or has unsightly stains.

Pro-tip: When choosing your new sweats range for the season it is important to look for pieces that provide a combination of functionality, formal influence, utility styling or a sleek minimalist design.



We hope you are as inspired as we are by the introduction of the athleisure trend in the formal space and don’t forget to enjoy playing around with this hybrid form of styling which emerged from the need to work from home underpinned by a key message of comfortability.




Written by

MKM Guest Fashion editor

Steve Norman & Larry Steenkamp