From colleagues to cocktails

From colleagues to cocktails

Three tips for styling looks that can take you from work to after-hours effortlessly.


Written by Robert Sam-Kputu


The festive season is upon us, and activities are about to kick into full swing. But for some, work isn’t over just because the year is about to end. From boardrooms to bars, colleagues to cocktails, AM to PM, we offer a few tips for choosing an outfit for the workday that can easily and seamlessly transition into the evening.


1. Know your audience

Workplace dressing has changed significantly over the years, and the need to wear a suit and tie is no longer a requirement for many people. T-shirts and jeans paired with sneakers have become the norm in many office spaces, while others adhere to more of a traditional business dress code.


When choosing an outfit to take you from desk to dawn, a key factor is whether your work environment is more inclined towards business or casual outfit choices, which will help you to plan accordingly. Up the jeans-and-sneakers look with a smart-casual jacket and smart shoes for the evening, or conversely, dress down a suit-and-tie combo by ditching the tie and replacing your button-up with a crisp white tee beneath your suit jacket.


2. Less is more

A minimalist approach towards colour and pattern tends to strike a happy medium between office and after-hours. The more subdued the outfit is, the more likely it is to suit the workplace and the wine bar.

The key is to let the styling of the fit speak for itself, adjusting it to suit your setting with accessories like jewellery, hats, glasses and switching up your shoe game. Keeping it simple allows small changes to make a big impact.


3. Let the bottom be your base

When you intend on a quick change on your way from the office to sundowners, it’s more convenient to swap a top or take off a jacket than to put on a different pair of pants. Planning around the bottom half of your outfit makes it easier to pack and quicker to change.

If your workplace leans more towards business style, a pair of suit pants can still fit in on a night out, especially in colours like black or grey. And when it comes to footwear, a minimalist sneaker strikes a good balance between fashionable and formal. But if sneakers are a no-go in the office, a good pair of chunky loafers are sure to fit the bill for all occasions.


‘Tis the season to be merry, and you shouldn’t have to choose between work and fun. Strike a balance this holiday by picking outfits that can effortlessly take you from meetings to meeting up with friends.