Formalwear? Check.

The check suit is a versatile and classic go-to.

Dressing up for a formal event is the perfect time to explore your classy and sophisticated side. Feel comfortable and fashionable in a suit that will add just the right flair.

Written by Christine Paige

There comes a time when you need to dress for the part. With the check suit you cannot go wrong! It ties together reliability and functionality but still adds charm and appeal to those events and spaces where you are required to step into the more formal side of things.

There’s a wide variety of options and combinations to choose from when picking out a suit, we’re going to take a look at one particular style that has a timeless feel and moulds to the trends.

Boardroom ready

When presenting ideas or attending a meeting, you want to be taken seriously. What you choose to wear plays a big role in all that. It’s not just about what you say but how you present yourself. In this instance, we have chosen a toned-down grey suit, white button-up shirt and sneakers with secret socks. These elements provide the option to be dressed up or down depending on the nature of the meeting. You can accompany this look with a black leather bag making sure you’re always prepared and have your essentials where you need them.

Master of Ceremonies

Are you wondering what to wear to the family wedding without outshining the groom? This light-tone check suit paired with a simple grey roll-neck knit is the answer! It’s light enough to make it to all the wedding locations without breaking a sweat but will also be the perfect fit as the evening rolls in and the sun goes down. A pair of black leather formals with perforated accents along the upper provide the perfect finishing touch. This style choice will ensure you feel at ease amidst all the wedding excitement!

Friday Fever 

Finally, It’s Friday. Time to hit the town and find a fantastic dinner spot to enjoy a well-deserved reward after a long week. You find yourself at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to visit for ages and you look the part! We’ve chosen a single buttoned blazer and light roll-neck to keep it fresh, together with chunky Oxfords you’ll slip right into the Friday groove. Your brown leather bag adds the final touch to complete your look but otherwise accessories can be kept to a minimum, as you want to have the freedom to flow with the evening. 

Whether you’re closing an important deal, delivering that daunting wedding speech or having dinner with friends, it’s safe to say that this particular style will carry you through a scope of different occasions. Dare to explore something different with this signature look that will ensure you keep it tasteful and classy.