Form up

We did the math: You look good

Dressing for success is not just some snappy slogan. Studies have proven that looking good means performing better.

Written by Grace Winkler

When we dress well, we stand a little taller, speak a little clearer, and even earn bigger checks. From modern creatives to classic fits, here are four formal looks to show off your personal and professional style.

The Graduate 

The Summa Cum Laude. The Big Name on Campus. Preppy and established, this Ivy-Leaguer is in a league of his own. Whether he’s opening emails in the executive suite or closing deals on the golf course, The Graduate feels most comfortable when he is surrounded by excellence.

Besides knowing a lot about a lot, The Graduate also knows how to dress. A classic sweater vest and button-up combo boasts an academic resumé, while a pair of tapered track pants serves to maximise productivity and flexibility. Accessorise the look with a stylish bucket hat – or any hat for that matter. He needs something to keep a lid on all of those big ideas. 

The Graduate understands that flunking is out and success is in. After all, the nerd in school has a funny way of becoming the boss in the office.

The Creative 

Where would we be without the architects, the designers, the musicians, the filmmakers? These artistically-inclined professionals may colour our world, but this look keeps it neutral. International and sophisticated, The Creative is a high society man who projects both taste and class.  

A timeless black turtleneck with a tailored blazer and a pair of well-fitted jeans is welcomed at any gallery or premiere the world over. But this fit isn’t limited to jet-setting events; The Creative fits in anywhere. Give him a laptop and an americano and his transformation to café chic is complete. Give him a brief and a boardroom and he’s ready to present The Next Big Thing.

The Weekender 

Hard-working and easy-going, the Weekender puts the ‘smart’ in smart casual. Never off the clock but always on his own schedule, he knows the modern business day doesn’t end at 5pm. He’s prepared for any opportunity, so he needs to be suited for every occasion. Marrying comfort and professionalism, this look is as versatile as it is stylish. Understated, but not afraid of overtime. Be it a late night in at the office or a good night out on the town, The Weekender is dressed and ready to go. 

A work-hard-play-hard mentality is clearly conveyed through the contrast between a dressed-up top and some dressed-down bottoms. Add a pair of sleek sunglasses and there’s nowhere this adaptable man won’t thrive. The Weekender pushes the bounds of typical office fashion and demonstrates independence, innovation and individuality. There may be rips in his jeans but there are no holes in his ideas.

The Go-Getter 

He goes where he wants, and he gets what he needs. He’s a modern suit-and-tie (hold the tie). The Go-Getter respects the traditional values of the working world, but keeps up with the times by injecting his own authentic flair. Forget the hustle, forget the grifters, The Go-Getter is well on his way to getting his bread and eating it too. 

He’s an Alpha, but not an authoritarian. He’s distinguished, but approachable. He knows the difference between a Scotch and a Bourbon, but he’s just as comfortable grabbing an after-work beer with the guys. By coupling a bold-pattern suit with a laidback tee, The Go-Getter can easily get along with interns and CEOs alike. Sharp, slick, and classic (with a twist), this look serves originality with a side of corporate appeal. 

Whether you’re dressing down for a casual work day or glowing up to make a statement, this is the season to layer right. Get busy living and live good with key pieces like a timeless denim jacket and a new favourite bucket hat to make this your season for life.