Essential winter accessories guide

Beat the cold with our coolest seasonal accessories.

This season, more is more. We’ve narrowed down the Markham man’s four essential winter accessories to get you through the coming colder months.

Written by Grace Winkler

The weather is changing, but our excellent taste isn’t going anywhere. In winter, we know that more is more: layering is coming back in style, and the time for functional accessorising has arrived. In the words of Cardi B, get your boots and your coat, because this season we’re keeping it cool with these four essential winter accessories.


Form meets function with our range of headwear. From beanies to bucket hats, they’re guaranteed to keep your fresh cut flawless in the age-old battle between Man vs. The Elements.  This winter, neutral colours are back in a big way. The seasonal tones are all about subtle sophistication and have the added perk of disguising any windswept crinkles or unwanted rain splatter. Finally, for all the players (of sport or otherwise), we have the classic peak cap – remember, you can still get a sunburn when it’s cold out!


Don’t be fooled – just because winter is on its way doesn’t mean the sun won’t make an appearance now and again. Why not make a statement while enjoying a little bit of privacy in a pair of stylish sunnies? If you’re looking for a style that never goes out of fashion, square frames are simple yet striking. We recommend this style to those with a longer or rounder face shape. If you’re more of an aviator guy, you’re in luck, because this frame is cool, classy, and fit for any occasion. These frames suit a more oval or square face shape best.


The world doesn’t stop when the weather gets colder (although sometimes we wish it would). Adding some accessories to our winter wardrobe helps us avoid throwing on the same boring coat every day and getting stuck in a fashion rut. A good collection of ties can transform any look, either with a daring pop of colour or a smattering of quiet sophistication. Ties don’t just keep it classy; they can make a real impression. Whether for business or for pleasure, this winter accessory will be sure to turn heads, so you’d best protect your neck.

Overnight bags

When you don’t know where you’re going to be tomorrow, you need a bag you can trust. The cooler weather is the perfect time for some Netflix and chill, and an overnight bag is essential for those long weekend visits to your significant other. The good news is that this accessory can also double-up as a work-out bag, because we’re not missing our morning gym sessions (even if it is still dark outside).

The temperature may be dropping, but we won’t let you drop the ball. Cop your winter accessories now and get a head-start on keeping warm while staying cool.