Editor’s Note: The Dawn of Markham’s New ‘Visual’ Era

On the brink of celebrating our century-and-a-half anniversary, we proudly stand at the dawn of a new ‘visual’ era; an era shaped by redefined aesthetics, driven by our customers’ desires and holding the promise of the future in its hands.


Written by: Quan B. Piers

After months of painstaking testing, market analysis, and insight research, we are more assured than ever that our audience possesses an avid desire for fashion. They are explorers in this realm and so, we have reinvented our image to become pioneering guides on their voyage.

It was challenging, to say the least. Our digital shores were stormed by gushes of options. But, weighed anchor in the midst of these challenges was a team equipped with determination, a deep understanding of our brand, and a shared vision.

For over a year, they have diligently made their way through a web of data to find the gems of truth. Testing content in the vast digital space, they cracked the codes of our audience’s preferences. And now, it is with unparalleled delight that we start integrating these insights into a full brand execution, an effort that feels more like master artistry, rather than plain corporate strategizing.

As Markham’s baton is passed onto the hands of the next 150 years, we promise to remain steadfast in our quest for style, innovation, and timelessness. Our journey through the next era begins with the first step of many, the spring collection.

It ushers in the new era with each piece echoing the past, whispering promises of the future, and celebrating the relentless spirit of the present. You will see our soul reflected in every new design; every thread spooled with dedication, commitment, and endless passion.

The echoes of the past 150 years reverberate in every decision, and decades of legacy are being delicately folded into the fabric of the future. And though we embark on a new chapter, our foundations remain grounded in the core essence of who we have always been.

The horizon is brilliant with the glow of the dawn – the dawn of our shared journey into the next era. An era of resurgence and celebratory fashion. Here’s to the embarkation of an extraordinary journey. We couldn’t be more excited!


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