Cosy, Cool, Colour

Style the looks to fit the season with bolder-than-ever statement pieces.

It’s getting cooler and ‘tis the season for comfortable fashion. Whether you’re on the go, just stepping out or heading to town, there are few things more versatile than sweats when it comes to winter casual.

Written by Robert Sam-Kputu


Break it bad

The work isn’t cooling with the weather, and neither is the need to look good while getting things done. The fashion might be comfortable, but you can still express yourself by getting creative with colours. This fit breaks up the darker tones of green joggers with lighter cream and brown colours of the layered overshirt for a functionally warm and fashionable look while you’re on the go.

I’ll be right there

It’s indoor weather, but you never know when you might need to make a quick mission. That’s why we love winter casual in all its versatility. You can go from off-the-couch to out-the-door in your sweatshirt, joggers and go-to sneakers. Just don’t forget a good fleece for when it gets too cold. And when it comes to colours, pairing natural shades of greens and browns is a combination that has never failed. 


OK, I like it, Picasso

The need for layers brings the opportunity to experiment and turn some heads. No colour is out of bounds, and the only limitations are your style and confidence.  Whether it’s wine farms, live music, or just hitting the scene, pair your favourite hoodie and sneakers with a blazer and sweatpants combination in a pop of colour that guarantees all eyes will be on you.


Don’t let your styling creativity hibernate this winter. There’s a look and a colour for every occasion. And your favourite sweats are not just along for the ride, they’re behind the wheel.