Nothing ruins an outfit more than frosty fingers and a runny nose, so let’s flesh out the top picks for your jacket statement this season with our top 5 commercial winter must-have pieces to help fight the cold while keeping cool.

You can certainly splurge on winter-wear, but it’s always good to be a man with a plan. So whether you are shopping on a budget or going full-throttle splurging, shopping has never been more simple and direct than this. All you will need to fight the winter chills is one or more of these jackets. Who better to get the latest winter trend forecast than your top local men’s fashion retailer? So with no time to waste let’s jump right into it.

Kicking off our top picks for this season is the trusted Parka Jacket. We appreciate the extended length of our parka this season, which helps to better protect you from the elements. Incorporated in this parka jacket is a textured Sherpa hood, contemporary outer quilting design, utility pocket styling and new gun metal trims. So don’t stick to the usual style suspects, rather choose to stay on trend and update your wardrobe with our authentic jacket available in warm neutral colours, such as caramel, fatigue, navy and black.



Second on our list, but second to none, is the Hooded Puffer. This essential item is always a bold choice and great colour vehicle, which should be welcomed into your wardrobe without question. Braving the winter cold has never been easier than sliding into a pair of knitted joggers, a trusted crewneck sweat and throwing on a puffer jacket. Now, to finish this look off, adjust your hood to what feels most authentic and you’re set to combat the cold.



The Melton Coat speaks for itself as it can be paired back to any outfit and styling of your choice. This coat provides room for layering, whilst not feeling overly boxy, and is fit for almost any occasion. So whether you enjoy fine prints or a timeless plain design, just ensure you have matched your coat back to a neutral colour palette and you’re set for the races. This piece maintains sophistication and class, so braving the blizzard has never been as easy as relying on your favourite Melton Coat.



Corduroy is a key fabrication call-out for the season. This texture is no stranger to the winter, and can be further enhanced when paired with different textures. Not only is this jacket lined and quilted to keep the cold out, but the cord fabrication is a natural heat insulator. Added with your favourite denims this piece will help relieve the pressure of layering as it doubles up as an added skin.



Fifth on our list is the Trucker Jacket, a lighter-weight jacket means you can really play with layering here. The trucker jacket lends itself to more layering options as it is not as bulky as our previously mentioned items. Whether you are drawn to a smarter classic polar-neck or a trusted casual overshirt with headwear, you will be able to make an easy judgment call with the trucker as it is one of the most versatile of the top 5 pieces.



Selecting one’s outerwear for a season is one of the most vital decisions you can make when designing your winter wardrobe. Warmth and comfort should be top of mind but in no way should this limit your style options. As a reliable staple, a coat or jacket should always elevate or maintain your personal style. So now remains the question, which one or more, will you be adding to your winter collection?



Written by

MKM Guest Fashion editor

Steve Norman & Larry Steenkamp