Celebrating 150 years of Markham

Staying relevant in the fashion world for over a century is no easy feat, but we’re proud to say that we’ve been delivering on our commitment to fashion and style for 150 years!


Written by Lynette Botha


2023 marks a monumental anniversary for Markham as a brand, one that celebrates our deep-rooted heritage and commitment to delivering timeless fashion. The theme for our 150th milestone is ‘Mvmnt of Style’, which encapsulates our brand’s illustrious contribution to local fashion and our dedication to keeping on the pulse of popular culture, trends and everything else that is important to our customers.

Having been at the forefront of men’s fashion for a century and a half, we believe that we know a thing or two about style. We’ve played an influential role in the sartorial choices of your grandfather, your dad, and you! From our humble beginnings in 1873 to becoming the largest stand-alone men’s fashion retail chain in Southern Africa with more than 325 stores across the country we believe that it is our commitment to quality and a fashionable mindset that keeps us ahead of the game.

Which is why ‘Mvmnt of Style’ is really about the power of fashion ​​how it allows for creative expression, how it evolves as we age and how it becomes an integral part of our persona an extension of who we are as people. Fashion is not just about clothing. Fashion is about people and places, different cultures, moments in time, global movements, and a way to truly express ourselves. 


So, while ‘Movement of Style’ may pay homage to the past, it also casts our vision to the future, because you know what? The best is yet to come! 


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