Cava the co-ords

Half the effort. Twice the impact. 

Whether bold or low-key, co-ords offer twice the impact with half the effort. What better way to ease back into dressing up for days out?

Written by Buntu Ngcuka

This summer is set to be the season of the matching two-piece set. We’re going all out and dressing up again, so if you aren’t going to pay homage to the 1920s, why not show off your fun side in some colourful combos? They make twice the impact and only require half the effort, plus they come in a variety of styles, patterns and colours. Here’s how to pull off the trend when you’re out in the sun.

So why the big comeback?

Co-ords aren’t entirely new: just think about the two- or three-piece outfits women used to wear in the late 80s and early 90s. Those skirt-and-jacket combos were popular because they made dressing up easy whether it was for the office or special occasions. To complete the look, all you’d need is a pearl necklace, a handbag and shoes. They were a woman’s answer to the suit as we know it – to finish off the ensemble, you’d just accessorise with a tie, a pocket square and some patterned socks. These days, we’re feeling the same spirit of dressing up again. We’ve been donning sweats and shorts and hoodies for the longest time, and now that we’re about to venture out into the world again as the pandemic winds down, it’s the perfect time for peacocking and making a statement.

Go bold with some logos and colour

Make the most of the trend with bright colours and some patterns. Try old school prints like checks, plaid or houndstooth or play around with something current like an all-over logo print. Team your two-piece with a pair of simple sneakers or a slides-and-socks combo. Complete the look with a bucket hat in a colour that matches your two-piece and you’ll be ready for the streets, just like that.

Keep it low-key

If you’re trying to avoid having all eyes on you and drawing attention to yourself with the trend that can be loud, you can opt for a more subtle two-piece. Go for shorts and a shirt in a simple colour combo like black and white. You can wear this with your favourite sneakers – go for something chunky and old school to elevate the look and make more of a statement.

Hit the track

Another simple and low-key way to pull off the co-ord look is with a tracksuit. But these aren’t your average, tricot sets – they’re patterned and fun. Ease into the trend by wearing the bottoms with a simple white tee, or team the jacket with black shorts and your favourite sneakers. But if you’re prepared to take it there, go all out with a matching set, your go-to summer sneaker (we recommend high-tops or tennis shoes) and finish things off with a utilitarian and trendy bag

Adding a third element

Don’t be afraid to accessorise. Bring your daring look back down to earth with a moon bag or take it to the next level with some retro-inspired sunglasses. And don’t forget the sunny-season staples like the reborn-and-better-than-ever bucket hat.