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Approaching autumn

Your ultimate guide to the season’s staple pieces. As the air gets nippy, layering tips and techniques come in handy. Here’s how to get the most out of this fall’s best attire. (more…)

The Essential Staple

Chinos just do not let us down! In celebration of this wardrobe staple, we explore what makes this particular garment so versatile.  Keeping up with the trends can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but our faithful chinos pull out all the stops with four different designs that will always have your back. (more…)

Form up

We did the math: You look good Dressing for success is not just some snappy slogan. Studies have proven that looking good means performing better. (more…)

Out and About in Autumn

Level up your weekend wardrobe A lighter colour-scheme is the perfect transitionary palette for autumn. Cool off after summer with these soft tones to suit any weekend activity. (more…)

Guide to the oversized fit

How to put together roomy attire, from slouchy jackets to wide-leg pants, with finesse. A surefire way to feel larger than life is to wear upsized clothes. But tactlessness can mean tackiness, which is why we’ve compiled this set of foolproof ways to throw it all together with a sense of ease to match your look. Effortlessness, comfort, and style collide in the oversized outfit. In an effort to pull off that tricky combination, though, you could easily find yourself pillaging your wardrobe with wild abandon, wondering if the oversized look’s purported comfort and convenience is nothing but a fiction. We know how you feel, but there’s no need. These simple tips and tricks will have you saying, with full honesty, “Thanks! I just threw it on.” The sweater vest The straight-A student’s favourite item is getting an update. The sweater vest has made a comeback in a less fitted...


Freshly-pressed and well-dressed: Shop these just-dropped drips!  If you’ve been spending every available moment on Netflix like the rest of us, you might have noticed that Asian series and fashion have stolen our hearts. Join us in celebrating them with our limited-edition collection. (more…)


Forge a better tomorrow by building with purpose and vision. We take responsibility for our actions and live with purpose and vision, building a legacy for all who come after us. We use our voices for good and are moving to forge a better tomorrow.  (more…)

The Ultimate Style Guide: Valentine’s Day Edition

Three looks guaranteed to go the distance You don’t have to be a romantic to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re going on a fancy dinner date or enjoying a night out with friends, show them you care by dressing up for the occasion. (more…)

Low-tops can lift your sneaker game 

Get style elevation with quirky, cool, or classic tread.  Low-tops aren’t the new kicks on the block: they’ve remained a firm fashion favourite. Whether you need to step things up or lace up with relaxation in mind, this timeless pair adapts to every look.  (more…)

I say ‘Chino’, you say ‘Let’s go!’

Three looks with one staple, we explore the chino that holds true to every wardrobe’s collection. This season we focus on reliable and versatile workwear guaranteed to make it easier to get back into the swing of work things. (more…)